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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Season 2 by Monolith Kickstarter

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(Note: this is a follow up to the recently delivered Batman Gotham City Chronicles which is based on their Conan game engine, and lets you pick up the existing content if you didn't get it before, plus the new season 2 content)

Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles is a mission-based miniatures board game where 2 to 4 players control the Dark Knight and his allies in their never-ending battle against crime through an asymmetrical and open game system.

Each game involves an action-packed fight where two sides face off. One of the players assumes the role of the Villain and controls the most notorious criminals of Gotham City. The remaining players take control of the Heroes, who must work together as a team to foil the Villain’s plots. Each side takes turns, pitting their strategies against each other in order to achieve their objectives.



[NOTE the core box image above is taken from the first KS so the 'stretch' tags are irrelevant, I've done so as the current KS doesn't show the contents as fully]





Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles Season 2’s primary focus is Versus mode.

Adventure mode racked up 42 missions in season 1, is still supported with 9 NEW missions in season 2. And, some of the new season 2 characters can also be used in S1 core box adventure mode missions.

Finally, all season 2 characters come with their own tile, opening up a wider Versus mode selection pool for the 10 NEW versus mode missions.


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I didn't need to know this was back. I had to sit the last one out, but it looked like it might be really fun. Looks like I'm going to be feeling the sting of having to pass on it a second time.. :(


I'm half tempted just to back for Poison Ivy, though. The price wouldn't be too bad, and the plants could be suitable for Pathfinder plant monsters while Ivy would be a perfectly serviceable Dryad.

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I haven't played this, but the Conan game is a lot of fun.  Lots of decisions that you have to make as a player or the "game master".  As a player, you have a limited amount of "gems" that you can spend to take actions.  As you take wounds you have overall fewer gems, and you won't recover them all during a single turn unless you spend a turn doing nothing.  And, doing nothing does leave you somewhat vulnerable.  As the game master, you use your gems to activate groups of bad guys.  But they rotate to the end of the line and cost more gems to activate again until you cycle through some of the other groups in the line.  You can do it, but it's going to take time to recover those gems.  My group actually really enjoys the game.

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The minis are good but could be better.  There are a few multi-part minis that they assembled themselves and it makes it difficult to paint parts.  There are also some very obvious mold lines and the like on some models.  But they are Batman minis and pretty well detailed and mostly easy to paint.  I'm not the best painter but I've posted a few models in the Show Off section if you want to see for yourself what type of detail they have.


I played two missions with the same group of people and won one and lost one (as the villains), so overall it seems balanced?  The first mission in particular came down to the last die roll and could have been won by the heroes.  I would really like to play again.  I would also like to play as a hero but I don't think that's going to happen!


I haven't played VS yet and that's not really my focus.  It does look interesting and allows you a lot more flexibility setting up "armies" to fight each other.  


For me, I'm interested in the new missions, and especially the 5 player ones since that will open up who I can play with.  I'm also interested in some of the individual minis, specifically ones I've seen as part of the DCAU.  I'm trying to fight off the completionist in me so I haven't pledged yet.  But I'm likely to.

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As with a lot of boardgames (both KS & direct to retail) the base box is much better value than the expansions (which will not sell as well so do have some excuse for being more expensive)


so don't feel bad if you just want the basic game (especially if your going in for mini plundering as your primary cause),

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My delivery from this has arrived (I was judicious and just cherry picked the best value stuff as the single figures were a bit too expensive for my tasted, and most of the really iconic characters i'd have sprung for at the higher price arrived with season one),


and shipping is ongoing across Europe after a period where it was France only due to covid issues, so hopefully anybody else still waiting will see theirs soon

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