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Ghost of Saltmarsh creatures = minis


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So I'm gonna be running Ghost of Saltmarsh (aka GoS) later this month as a bi-weekly game for my Monday night players. I decided instead of scrapping characters they've worked on to just offer a low level game (GoS) & a higher level (the current game). This also allows me to have some time to gather up resources for the game. MY FLGS is great, but it does lack in the amount of miniatures for rpg games. He has the Wizkids upm but he doesn't carry Reaper. He actually doesn't carry any Reaper products & he has told me why. I won't post his reasons here. Anyways, I thought I'd start a post in regards to minis for the creatures in the game & maybe people can offer their thoughts as well.


Potiential SPOILERS ahead. You've been warned!!!

Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Part 1:






Giant weasels: 

I currently have the 3 pack of Otherworld Miniatures Giant Weasels I'll use. I do have Reaper's Giant weasel (#3897 ) as well. I picked up the Otherworld pack for We be goblins 2 (the giant weasel encounter) but they were a tad bit smaller then I wanted to use. I think they'll be perfect for this one. Granted there is just 3 & I really don't want to buy anther pack just for 1, so either I'll change the encounter to 3 or place a blank base & say it's the fourth one. Reaper's is great but I think it might be a tad bit big for this encounter as the critters are suppose to live in the thorny bushes/overgrown garden. Reaper's would be perfect for the We be Goblins thou.


Giant poisonous snake:

Easily Reaper's 3676 (or Bones version) Giant Snake. I may also go with a prepainted ones as well. Again the Reaper one is such a great sculpt.


Spider swarm:

Reaper has spider swarm minis. Metal & Bones, there is also prepainted ones. Easy one.


Giant centipede:

Again, Reaper fills the need. In both metal & Bones. 


Ned Shakeshift:

Local townsman, that is also a smuggler who tries to trick the party at the mansion. Depending on how I want to represent him, Reaper makes male townsfolk. Also I have Wizkids villagers mega set. So this one is easily filled.



I have the metal ones that Reaper makes (thank you Boneyard shopping at ReaperCon!!) so I have enough. I also have Paizo's paper minis as well & surprisingly they look great on the table, even mixed with regular minis.


Rot Grub swarm:

 I have prepainted minis for these. Actually 2 varieties (Pathfinder & pre-Wizkids D&D)


Smugglers, Bandits, Spies:

Pretty much all the human (oid) figures I have the villagers set or various townsfolk Reaper minis.



The smuggler leader is a unique character as I personally don't see him as a robed arcane caster. I see him more like his fellow thieves that has dabbled in magic. I think 3026 Dub Bullock (also in Bones) would be perfect for this guy. He has the dagger & has PC character with him giving the finger to someone. Perfect main villian!!



Take your pick, there are numerous ones out there


Alchemist skeleton:

I wanted to match the artwork in the book which is a bearded skeleton wearing a robe & stereotypical floppy hat. This one by Reaper is perfect for that 2614: Rhauga, lich-sage. His actions are he throws alchemical bombs at people, so the skull could be that.


hobgoblin: Various sources but I really like the ones Reaper brought out for Bones 3 (besides those I've got those painted, ::D:). Granted the oriental armor does stick out of being out of place for this encounter. So we shall see.


With the release of the rowboat from Bones 4 to retail, I'll probably pick that up to dress up the cave scene. 


Next: The Ghost encounter!!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh: Part 2 The Sea Ghost


Again, spoilers if your playing the game as a player, proceed at your own risk!!




Again, various townsfolk minis both in Reaper & prepainted


Captain Sigurd, pirate captain

Bloody Bjorn, a pirate first mate 

Foul Frithoff, a pirate bosun  


Various Reaper pirate minis, as well as Pathfinder Battle Skull & Shackles prepaints


Punketah. a pirate deck wizard 


I've debated this one but I may use this pirate mini:


SKU: 03224


& swap out the cutlass for something else or maybe alter the race to be elf (so he can use a longsword). I figure make the wizard like Sanbalet & don't make him look like a wizard, just one of the smugglers instead.


3 lizardfolk

Various Bones, metal & prepaints for these 3.




There is a Psuedodragon in this encounter as well.


I'm gonna use either Nolzur's unpainted or prepainted Unhallow for this tiny critter.


Cuppa the Parrot:


Essentially, as background scenic piece but I may make this & put in on the map. Most likely I'll use Pirate Sophie's bird.




Sea elf, so this one is easy with Reaper's 



swarm of rot grubs

Prepainted ones out of a older WoTC prepainted set, thou there is also Pathfinder Battles one as well.


Up next: Danger at Dunwater!!!


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Bones IV -has a fair number of figures that are useful for U1-3.


Zombie shark, Tidal Lurker (chuul) in Fan Favorites, and a lot of the townsfolk from Dreadmere would be right at home in Saltmarsh.)





Took a look at GoS - and it was pretty much a straight up conversion and updating of U-3 and others. *EDIT* This is most definitely not a complaint. It is exactly what the book was supposed to be, and should have been.


I was particularly happy to see Richard Pett's The Styes. (Which was what would eventually evolve into The Blight from Frog God Games - one my favorite settings.)


The Auld Grump

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5 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Bones IV -has a fair number of figures that are useful for U1-3.

  Hide contents

Zombie shark, Tidal Lurker (chuul) in Fan Favorites, and a lot of the townsfolk from Dreadmere would be right at home in Saltmarsh.)





Took a look at GoS - and it was pretty much a straight up conversion and updating of U-3 and others. *EDIT* This is most definitely not a complaint. It is exactly what the book was supposed to be, and should have been.


I was particularly happy to see Richard Pett's The Styes. (Which was what would eventually evolve into The Blight from Frog God Games - one my favorite settings.)


The Auld Grump


I do believe the guys at Kobold Press did the conversion for this book. I'm happy with way they did it. While I thought I had SSoS when I was younger it was D@D that I had. Saltmarsh being the common term between the two.


Looks like I'm gonna start running the adventure around the middle of July now. Our new system of how rpgs are setup/ran at the store starts around there + my work schedule is so screwy right now. My 2 week vacation starts in the middle of the July, so best to hold off till then.

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14 hours ago, TheAuldGrump said:

Took a look at GoS - and it was pretty much a straight up conversion and updating of U-3 and others.

I haven't gone in-depth about it because I was only familiar with U1 (has a really bad DM run his own 5E conversion of it years ago) but I did have to stop and do a double-take at the addition of the Skeletal Alchemist.


It's like... new mentalities don't check for hidden doors, so your gotta have the dead guy in the secret room come out as an undead so the players know there was a secret door there..... *shrugs*

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Ok, Danger at Dunwater


Again, SPOILERS ahead, you've been warned!!!


The sea elf, Oceanus, will accompany the party in this adventure:

Once again, I'll be using Derek Schubert's excellent sea elf mini by Reaper:





Ok so most of the adventure takes place in a lizardman lair so most of the minis will be lizardman ones. There are various figures out there that will cover these. It's more or less wanting to show a unique one like a shaman or leader. Reaper metal, Bones & various prepainted ones over the years will cover yah. I'll put up what I'll be using for my game.


The adventure starts with the party travelling by water or by land. Water, it's more or less a boat trip over, no encounters.. Land you'll get this:



Arp (bullywug leader)

Gulpa’Gor (Bullywug king) & giant toad


Bullywug minis are kinda easy to find, just typing in "Bullywug miniature" on zee bay of Eeee brings up various prepainted ones over the year. Recent one is out Wizkids/WoTC set Monster Menagerie II. I think what I'll do with this if my party goes this way is use the following:


Bullywugs (newest one as it'll be the cheapest), Arp (bullywug leader of a band of bullwugs); I think I'll use Boggard out of the Pathfinder Battles set. He's unique looking. Gulpa'Gor is the king the band is waiting for. They make a Mudlord mini but it's kinda expensive for a chance encounter (water or land, determined by the PCs) but he does look the part. Giant toad he is riding, this can be either prepainted or Reaper has you covered.


Lizardfolk lair:


lizardman commoner, Reaper Bones has you covered!! They are cheap! There is also prepainted ones as well.


lizardman scaleshield, these guys are a bit stronger then regular ones, so I'm gonna use probably the metal versions of Reaper lizardmen + some are a tad bit bigger then the rest.


Lizardman shaman: Easy, this one: 2392




There is anther shaman, the Prime shaman you might say, named Minister Sauriv. I think I'll use this one for him:





Lizardman Render


Large lizardfolk, hmmm this one might a bit difficult. I think thou, I'll go with this one, as it's bigger then a medium sized lizardman mini.







2-headed snake, I just picked up a couple of these, prepainted


Giant lizard


Large based creature. There is a frilled lizard prepaint from the Pathfinder Battles line that would fit this role.


Giant poisonous snake


Medium sized creature. There is a metal & Bones giant snake, also prepainted from both Pathfinder Battles & there are snakes across the entire line of D&D prepainted.


Lizardman Queen (Queen Othokent)

While the mini proposes a male figure, being reptilian, they can look like that & still be female. I'm going with this one, I used this one during my Mouselings/Village of Hommlet adventure I ran at ReaperCon a few years ago:





Sub-chief, Irhtos

Same thing as above but of course different miniature:







Various prepainted ones out there can fill this guy's role. Also look at Skum via Pathfinder Battles. They make for a nice sahaugin stand-in.




Hmmm, this one might be a bit tough to find:




giant sea eel


Again anther one, I'm not sure of right now. Depending on their size, the giant leeches from Bones 4 could sub for these perhaps? Needs to be large size.



Various metal (Bones?) & prepainted figures can cover these.



Thousand Teeth the Devourer:


Ancient crocodile, large base. Yah you know where this one is going: Bones 4 Croc makes the perfect figure for this beastie!!


Random encounter chart has all common easily find-able miniatures.



2 Giant Contrictor Snakes

Huge snakes, I picked up Conan boardgame, giant snake. Pefect size for these.


Next up:

Salvage Operation










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Thanks for this thread! I've been working on finding minis for GoS too, but I don't have the physical book yet.


Definitely loads of good aquatic minis in Pathfinder sets, particularly in the Skull & Shackles set.  It's an older set, but seems to be still getting reprints, so hopefully singles prices come down even further. 


Pathfinder Skull & Shackles Sea Cat and Maze of Death Giant Moray Eel are perfect IMHO.


Pathfinder's Sahuagin are called "sea devils," and there's a great female sea devil caster called "The Matron". 


Reaper's 4-armed tiik also make great casters if you chop off the bottom arms.  Since the Sahuagin Baron is supposed to be large, I took those arms and stuck them on the larger bones Tiik Champion to make my baron.  And the regular Tiik are perfect for the new deep sahuagin, with their angler-fish lures. 


Mage Knight also made great sahuagin if you can find them.


CMON's Wrath of Kings (House Hadross faction) has a bunch of cool sea monster/humanoid creatures that can make good Koalinth, 5e Skum, weresharks, sahuagin, etc.  Miniature Market recently had a blow-out sale on many of the Wrath of Kings boxes, and I expect they will again.


Wizkids' Deep Cuts line will be releasing a large shark and large octopus.

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