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Ghost of Saltmarsh creatures = minis

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8 hours ago, haldir said:

Yup,  it just didnt dawn on me until I read goblinoid in their type description, then it finally clicked.


I'll just use existing hobgoblin minis, easier & cheaper.

The naiads are mine, in my Forces of Nature army. ::):


We already have them, so we use them.


BUT because we have been building and arming them for RPGs, I will need more for my army, or explain that they are really armed with only some of the array they are displaying.


Nets are a PITA! In Pathfinder. One used his net to entangle Jon, then others started thumping him.


We don't have a tank, so once he lost his Dex bonus they were able to really whale on him.


And it was all a misunderstanding, Jon thought they were allies of the Sauhigan. The snake people had them there to try for an alliance AGAINST the Sauhigan, but that had already fallen through.

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