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03867: Aletheia Edair, Duelist: Not a ReaperCon 2019 entry

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03867: Aletheia Edair, Duelist was my backup choice for a ReaperCon entry this year.  (03311: Rhaine, Rogue was my first choice but there was an accident when prepping the figure and the end of her rapier was lost.  She'll show up as a future conversion project.)  Since I'm not going to ReaperCon this year, I don't have to worry about getting her done in time.  Yay, I guess?


I've primed her and painted her with a diluted coat of Reaper MSP 09064 Brown Liner to show details.  Here's how she looks now:



(click on the pictures for larger versions)


She has been removed from her integral base and put into a new base using the Happy Seppuku flagstone base stamp.  There were a couple accidents with this process and, as a result, her right heel support has been replaced with green stuff.  (She's wearing kind of high-heeled boots but the supports aren't separate from the rest of her boot.)


I've picked out a color scheme but haven't finalized it.  I've painted some samples on paper using the concept art.  I'll scan that in and show you tomorrow (I want the paint to dry first) or possibly later.  Tomorrow's going to be a weird day.

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To do color tests, I printed Talin's concept art on my inkjet paper and then filled it in with paint.  This was my first pass, a month and change ago:


(letters added after the fact)


I rather liked A but my wife preferred C or D.  She also preferred Ruddy Leather over Harvest Brown.  You can see some of the notes I made in the margin and the sample of reds for the flower.


Since I wasn't completely sure what colors I used and I wanted to compare leather colors, I did another set last night:


(again, letters added after the fact)


In the last set, the colors are:

  • Skin: 09092 Golden Skin
  • Hair: 09303 NMM Gold Highlight
  • Flower: 09687 Holly Berry
  • Belt and other small leather bits: 09031 Tanned Leather
  • White cloth: 09061 Linen White
  • Orange cloth: 09406 Sunrise Orange
  • Blue cloth: 09116 Brilliant Blue
  • Leather armor pieces: 09200 Harvest Brown (E and G) or 09109 Ruddy Leather (F and H)
  • (I didn't bother painting any of the metal bits since those are going to be the same regardless of the other colors.)

Since this was printed on an inkjet, I suspect the paint picked up some of the ink on the paper.  As a result, some of the colors look darker than they should (especially the white).


My wife prefers H.  I was personally hoping for G but, seeing it smaller on the screen, I agree there's more contrast with H.


Next time... actual painting?

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After five hours of work, her eyes are done and her skin is mostly done:



(click on the pictures for larger versions)


Outstanding items:

  • The blending on the right side of her face needs to be improved.
  • Her fingers should be lined between them.
  • Her eyes need reflection dots and, if feasible, iris color.

She has a couple strands of hair on her face that have been a pain to paint.  I'm considering painting her hair next, and then going back and fixing her face.  I may not work much on her until after I get back from my short vacation.

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Good start and great idea with the brown liner for making the details more visible. Concerning the colour scheme: This suggestions are all very good. I think B is not bad too. But I guess you decided yourself already. H is also great.

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4 hours ago, vhaidra said:

Good start and great idea with the brown liner for making the details more visible.

To give credit where it’s due: This is an idea I adapted from @Pingo.  She primes in white and uses a translucent umber paint to bring out details.


This is also inspired by a comment somewhere on the Dark Sword Minis site where the owner mentions having been taught to “antique” minis (I think this is the phrase) using a combination of Grey Liner and Brush-On Sealer.

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