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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 5


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Mission 5 - "Plant Invasion" has the Birds of Prey going up against Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.  Its the first mission with no Batman to chose from.


I was struggling a bit with this one.  Some of the poses are difficult to paint and I wanted to try and get them as cartoon accurate as I could.  Huntress was particularly difficult because of her outfit and pose.  I'm pretty sure no one I know can come close to mimicking her pose.  I wound up taking these pictures after I glossed them all up, so sorry about that.  I was having some photography difficulty.




Poison Ivy's skin was a bit darker green than I was shooting for, but it works.



Harlequin with her pop gun.

125604909_2019-06-0521_56_33.thumb.jpg.1e4b50fd8264df8c49bea68ea3045b0d.jpg 1036532167_2019-06-0521_56_46.thumb.jpg.31b168ac7689277b339a5101708e649b.jpg


Huntress was a pain.  I swear her chest was 90 degrees to her belt buckle and head.  Plus she has a pretty complex outfit.  

1721871365_2019-06-0521_57_04.thumb.jpg.c24301cf18dfca8c7c0eaf7847d8a03f.jpg 1330437446_2019-06-0521_57_11.thumb.jpg.8460bdb8740b331065bcb8de9e1bbc8b.jpg


Batgirl with her black and yellow color scheme.  She has a few good color schemes to chose from, but the black and yellow one has some nice contrast and stands out against the other minis, so that's the one I went with.  

1085089693_2019-06-0521_57_27.thumb.jpg.69f1bff4f97d9eb38df94f93474aec17.jpg 1425952169_2019-06-0521_57_33.thumb.jpg.8dc462382f46b6476795a97420a3d31d.jpg 1608120568_2019-06-0521_57_45.thumb.jpg.cad19e5c13d7c7edc0d050c3c9772f6d.jpg


Black Canary, who was the easiest to paint.  Of course, I ignored her traditional fishnet stockings.  

728700231_2019-06-0521_57_57.thumb.jpg.4869cf669b512479eebad3d1203c4966.jpg 1227014477_2019-06-0521_58_04.thumb.jpg.b96c9b1b77ad13aba294d33c44ad26ed.jpg

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On 6/8/2019 at 1:35 AM, Rigel said:

A very colorful lineup! I especially like the Batgirl and Harley. 
If you have steady hands and a fine mechanical pencil, you might be able to do some fishnet patterning...


Thank you!


Sadly, I have neither.  The edge of Huntress' cloak, for example, is kinda messy because my hand is not as steady as it used to be.  Also I drink a lot of soda.  Possibly those two are related.  

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