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Awaken Realms Etherfields

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2 hours ago, Auberon said:

I thought about it and just pledged for $1 to get into the PM.  I don't need a game but I like the looks of the minis.


I did this as well. There are soooo many backers that I am hoping to take advantage of some buyers remorse for the core game maybe. But I did want to make sure I am able to get the playing cards and art book.



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Yeah, a lot of the minis look really interesting.

The game looks interesting. There's only so much of an opinion you can have when you can't know the rules because they're considered spoilers.

I did the clue finding for hidden content early on, but I didn't continue to do it after they started unlocking bits of the Riddler puzzle.

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Pledge manager invites are going out so if you backed you should be getting yours soon

Late pledges will also be available (check the most recent KS update for details)


They've also done some alternate sculpts for the minis for those that want to pay to add them (no gameplay content)


Option to get everything in a single shipment, or split with the main game + a few bits  coming earlier and the rest about 6 months later (if you get jumpy seeing other people posting about having got a game please go for split shipping, I've seen to many folk falling apart online over the wait when they try and save money by going with one)

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Yeah, need those alt. versions (who doesn't want a half man/half rooster mini?).


I was hoping they would be doing some of the smaller monsters in resin too though.

Since I'll be getting some PVC stuff now, I'm not sure if I should just get everything in PVC, it'll cost about the same but it'll come with a game too.

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