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Converted Riding Dog from 77038, Hell Hound


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Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like what I did.


Khan is Kiarah Amanodel's riding dog in my D&D campaign. Kiarah is my female elf druid character. She is only 90 pounds but together with Khan they are an efficient team. Kiarah raised Khan to hunt the orcs of the region after their quiet grove was raided by the Ragged Wound Tribe. Kiarah's lover was killed during the raid, so now the vengeful elf travels with her mysterious daughter to inflict harm on those who murdered Leonan.


It's in my plans to make another version of the model with the Kiarah riding Khan to battle.


I added more pictures of the WIP.

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this is really impressive,  great inspiration for those thinking about conversions . Really like how you used normal things laying around the house, like the paperclip,  to create it . The sculpting is killer though

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