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Cheddar Burrata Nikto?

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So... I finished him, but while I was working, I did take some in progress photos which I thought I'd post here first.


Extra special thanks to the Worldwide Miniature Day idea, because it did the following:



Painting desk, meet butt.  Nice painting desk.  Comfy chair.  That's right.  Now paint!


WWMD gave me the added incentive to sit down and paint all weekend.  I got a good bit done and felt productive.  I've worked on my setup over the last few years and have arranged to have most everything I need within reach.  There's an ikea bookshelf on the right side out of the picture where all the paint and the rest of the tools sit.  I can swivel but rarely have to get up to get things.  It makes me more efficient.  I debate whether I have too much light sometimes, but I'm getting older, so need all the help I can get. What I do instead is hold the mini under the desk away from the light to make sure the contrast holds up in dimmer light from time to time.  On to the Wip!


First, I attached Mr Wizard.





I decided he needed to be more than a single focus, so I added the two skulls. Mr Wizard comes with a foliage sort of base, which wasn't going to work for my theme, so I took some apoxie and made him a stone base.  Then I made two more tiny ones and stuck the skulls on. The skulls are from Secret Weapon.  I tried to make it loo like he had a little circle of safety around him in paint.  Can't be summoning monsters without some protection from the coming apocalypse.  I also repainted him from purple to the red/green scheme, to fit him in.  I'd originally planned to do purple/green, but felt like the other colors called to me and had to change midway. Never be afraid to change color schemes.  Change is good.




I mixed up a few step to my color gradients to make it easier to do the blending.  I don't have to work as hard when I do that.  As you can see, there is a green gradient using the okavango and the slime colors and then in the middle row there's the red to slime mix.  I like that, because you can see how it is a bit browner, but still very high value. Notice on the right from top to bottom how the slime is still the highest value/brightest color. Mixing a complement such as red into my green knocks it down in value.  I really like the color the red/green mix makes, so I ended up using it a lot.




I painted for a bit, working on the monster's mouth, making it look more pink and fleshy. I like how the pink blends in with the nebula behind Mr Monster.




I spent a good bit of time on the tentacles, trying to get a smooth blend between the red and green.  Then I remembered I had to add another tentacle!




For this is used greenstuff because I wanted it smoother.  I tend to use milliput or apoxie for big chunks of things and greenstuff for detail work.  For really big projects I still use fimo or sculpey because it's just cheaper.  There isn't one tool I feel fits all projects, probably because I'm frugal and insist on saving money!




That's the new tentacle all blended in.  Also, I added some freehand on the outside of the base. I felt it needed another point of interest.  It's supposed to be a black hole but I think it looks more like an eye which is fine.







...and then I got to painting and forgot to take any more in progress shots.  Sigh.


I'll post in show off soon, and I think I have few more angles but that's the basic project.  It was fun!  I learned a lot about the colors I used while playing with them and experimenting with transitions.  I think that dungeon slime is an awesome highlight, and one of my new favorite colors. I enjoy playing with bending reality and mixing 2 and 3D elements.  This was a good project for that and involved me doing some thinking and plotting to make sure the composition worked out ok. In hindsight I would move a few of the tentacles to better positions to make it tighter.


At any rate, if you have questions let me know!  Thanks for hanging out with me!



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