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Especially the wizard!


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1 hour ago, Mutilatedlips said:

Love the base! The couple of friends I paint for would kill me if I did anything like that and I have been itching to do so. 

For some gaming purpose,  they don't like anything based high up.


It’s polystyrene painted over with black craft paint and mod podge and then highlighted. I super glued some metal washers on the bottom to keep it from tipping. The shape of my faux stone is a downward triangle to give a false sense of a heightened perspective. 


Crazy bases are fun. Let loose!

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I`m also in love with all this different tones of purple you used here. Looks really great and I`m a fan of the base too ::D: To paint the crystal ball with metallics was an intresting idea too. I`ve tried crystal balls already with normal acrylics, but it anyhow always looked rather like a stone or something like that. I think yours look really good. I will that in mind. Good job!

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