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Sarah Blitzer

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    • By Kev!
        Gotta have some ranged support...

    • By Kev!
        Been working on these beginning at ReaperCon...

      Because fiendgip is mashic!
      Thanks for looking,
    • By SisterMaryNapalm
      Hello everyone,
      New (or rather ... old) Show Off. Some time ago I read about Roza Shanina, a Soviet-Russian sniper who fought during WWII on the Russian front. So ... I kind of got bewitched by her. So I when Stoessis Heroes (small company's range of more or less famous heroes of WWII) started to produce a miniature inspired by Liudmyla Mykhailivna Pavlychenko, I had to get it, convert it and paint it.

      The picture that inspired me aaaaaand ....
      the outcome of my work.








    • By Darcstaar
      To continue my Imperial Assault posts, here is the figure I photographed that had the best light.
      I'll have to re-take pictures of everyone else.
      Fenn Signis is a sniper hero in the game.
      I did follow the Sorastro Guides, but with Reaper paints.
      The hardest part of this figure was trying to paint in purple sunglasses, when they are not part of the sculpt.
      Oh, that and BLACK!
      The pic is a little out of focus on that one, because the camera chose to put the tip of the gun in best focus there.
      I was happy with how the rebel insignia on his shoulder came out.
      Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

    • By lexomatic
      My in-laws have a tradition of passing off a joke gift to all the male adults. Someone (it's forgotten who originally was gifted with the slippers) got a pair of knitted size 14 (my in-laws are all over 6'5, I'm the short one at 6'2) slippers in white, orange and green wool. They are ugly. This person then added a small change, like a patch, to each slipper and re-gifted it. The tradition continues. There's one more person I can give these to before it becomes a random (or someone else marries into the family).
      I'm adding a few quickly painted bones orcs. I would do different ones (because I have doubles of a couple), but apparently they need to be the same. If in the event it's legal, I will be replacing a sniper with a marauder 77042.
      I will document my quick paintjob in this thread, and then safety pin them to the slippers.
      I will also be painting a few other bones orcs too - the marauders and Rogan 77224.
      Photos soon.
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