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Minis to represent a Fallout Deathclaw and some other characters.


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I normally look through the humanoid figures on this site, but our current campaign is very Malarite focus and the GM thought it would be really cool to adapt the Deathclaw from fallout. There is an official Deathclaw mini but it's hard to find and expensive, and a little underwhelming side wise. Reaper also has Khanjira the world breaker, which looks very much like a giant, Tarrasque-ish Deathclaw, but again it's price(and obviously size) is a bit much. 

Any other recommendations? What else do you think would make for good Malarite enemies?


I'm also looking for minis that would best fit these characters: 

Water Genasi Swordmage: 


Gaerandir the Genasi Swordmage by Roseweave

Aranea Storm Sorcerer: 

Anthro-style Amara by Roseweave

(I'm currently using the Mira mini from the mad max esque line but want something more Storm Sorcerery - I'm going with Cailleach for her half elf form, but want something suitable for her Hybrid form, which is simialr to the above, I'll likely have to sculpt on the extra arms & spider rump which is fine).

Also, a Whooshwagon! 


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they actually made a deathclaw for the fallout miniatures game if you want to go that route. Hard to find by itself though.


That said, Lavarath would look cool but maybe more than a little big, deathclaws should be only really large sized.  


I would maybe take a look at 77307 Wolf Demon (has extra arms, but then again deathclaws are mutants....)

or 03747 Bat Demon, 03771 Shadow demon, either without the wings.

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Brother Vinni has the Mountain Horror - that used to have a horned alternate head to make it into a not-Deathclaw miniature.


I don't know they still include the alternate head, or if they got a C&D notice for treading too close to the Fallout IP.


But they do have some rather nice not-Fallout minis.


The Auld Grump

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I just started a Fallout TTRPG set in the remnants of Arkansas. The deathclaws here are evolved from Ozark Hellbenders, and I'm using the Chaos Toad Brawler from Bones 4 Fan Favorites to represent them. Hellbenders are already horrifying monstrosities, so I figured a little FEV would do them a world of good.

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