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A question about elven archers.

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Mengu- I'll be there around seven. I have a game of "Game of Thrones" scheduled. I'll have some of my figs there for you to see, and probably Mikey will tease me about something or other. I look forward to seeing you then. Maybe we can have a game in the future.

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Cerridwyn: Thanks for the encouragement. One of these days I'll figure out this speedpainting thing, and try cranking out a mini an hour. Right now I'm painting at the pace of a mini a month (by 2034 I should have a respectable army urgh!)


Flynn: Part of the fun for me is seeing painted miniatures and pieces of terrain on the game table, instead of pewter and ghosts for troops, and coffee mugs and bath towels for terrain :wacko: Should have picked necropolis as my army, then maybe I could prime my skellies and ghosts and call them done ::P: Wait till I paint my Settlers roads, settlements and cities.


Dabob: Hopefully I can swing by and see you ^_^

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Well, I'm a slow painter usually, though I've probably cranked out about 10 in the last month. That's quick for me. I probalby won't be able to even get to my Warlord troops until mid-September, and I'd like to actually start playing pretty soon after the book comes out.


I do plan on painting some troops though. I'm going to start with the Crusaders, since I have enough of those to easily field a 1000 point army (lots of leaders, and 27 of the grunts), but I only have one painted, and it's not in the color scheme I'm going to use.


The next group might be Nefsokar, since I also have enough of those to field a 1000 point army. However, by the time I've painted my Crusaders, there might be enough Elf grunts out to start in on that one.


I have alot of Confrontation minis I'd like to paint as well. And of course, any commissions I might land will take precedence over any minis I'm painting for myself.

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You're welcome, Menqu. I can relate to wanting to see painted minis on the field, because the whole reason I got into painting in the first place was I got tired of the "sea o metal" playing D&D. Couldn't tell an orc from the Paladin, very confusing.


Here's a technique you can use to get your Grunts playable. Spray with black primer. Drybrush the cloth areas with white to bring out the highlights. Glaze those areas with Slate and add white trim. Drybrush your metals with metalic paint. Seal with a satin sealer - NOT dullcoat, or you will wreck the shine of your metals. Krylon Satin is excellent.


The technique of painting a lighter color under your main paint is called "underpainting". It has some very high-level applications, but it is also a great way to get started painting shade and highlight, since the primer/underpaint do most of the work for you.


With this method, you can get your Grunts playable in an afternoon. Line them up on the table in front of you. Do all the drybrushing, then all the glazing, metals, etc. By "production lining" your army figs, you can get a lot done in a little time.


I did my Unforgiven in about three hours.


And people will be asking you how you got such nice shade and highlight. ::D:


One last thing - try not to paint on the areas you want metalic, like the helms and swords. It can be a pain to paint metal on top of white.


Good luck, Mengu, and keep slingin' paint! Speed comes with practice, just like skill.

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Do the Reven have any weaknesses at all?  Everyone but the Goblins have like DV 10 minimum, the Bull Orc Warriors are MAV 3, the Bull Orc Archers are RAV 3 range 30.  Everyone has at least Tough/1, and the warcry ability is aieeeeeeeee.  I know you playtested these, but I can't find a weakness in my games.

Current Iterations of the Datacards have lower DV for many Reven.

Bull Orc Archers are no Longer RAV 3.

I don't see the weakness. High DV, AV and RAV, decent MD and Dis. Spellcasters are pretty good, too. Nope not weakness. They dominate.


Glad to see the changes in the datacards.

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