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Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Mission 6

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B:GCC - Mission 6 "Good Cops/Bad Cops" has the GCPD up against Clayface and Black Mask, trying to get evidence on corrupt cops.  


You can actually select from a number of heroes for the first hero, but since the second and third heroes must be Detective Renee Montoya and Detective Bullock, I felt it was only fair to paint Commissioner Gordon with them.  Get all the big cops out of the way.  The heroes have to grab some evidence while the villains try to destroy it.  One of the balancing mechanisms to put Gordon, Montoya and Bullock on the same level with Batman friends is that they get to control generic cops.  Its a neat idea though I haven't tried it out yet.  




Clayface was super easy, though he came out a bit darker than I really wanted.  I was shooting for a lighter brown and now he looks like a very menacing piece of chocolate.  Still, I was happy to paint him after the more difficult batch I just finished.  

231373371_2019-06-1120_54_24.thumb.jpg.58829169322c459a87377f3748da1dbd.jpg 2129830777_2019-06-1120_54_32.thumb.jpg.0674d219763c457e9ac8d52b0c085f5d.jpg


Black Mask was also super simple.  Nothing fancy here.  I'm not 100% satisfied with his eyes, but they work well enough. 



Gordon was sporting sunglasses for the longest time.  I'm happy how his glasses turned out and look like regular glasses now.

1366714343_2019-06-1120_54_47.thumb.jpg.f97b80ad5bf6cccc46f8e45f533eb173.jpg 55128715_2019-06-1120_54_54.thumb.jpg.dc6d057752ddc158399f8a9a82e9091b.jpg


Detective Bullock.  

2103193415_2019-06-1120_55_44.thumb.jpg.d940c0de8c7ee25896bbbfafaf02654b.jpg 1236720603_2019-06-1120_55_51.thumb.jpg.d63c227de897b2026478df84f52c0a38.jpg


Detective Montoya, one of the original creations from the Animated Series.  I'm actually happy how her jacket came out.  I used walnut brown to get it dark, but not the same dark as her noir black hair.  It gives it a nice leather jacket look.    

1092048771_2019-06-1120_55_26.thumb.jpg.5a4e7dd47c1aa5de6e1b8ec2a0e90088.jpg 315963464_2019-06-1120_55_33.thumb.jpg.14f071e7fcff4e20ef0ea3e47b7adaec.jpg

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    • By Unit04
      B:GCC - Mission 16 "Like Father, Like Daughter".  Orphan tries to stop Scarecrow from helping Orphan spread weird toxins/chemicals throughout Gotham.  It makes me wonder who the heck comes up with superhero names in DC, and why someone would go by Orphan if her dad is still alive.  Anywho...
      I stopped painting for a bit due to lots of unrelated things (like Borderlands 3 coming out for Steam).  Now that I'm working from home,  I can get back to painting regularly.  And B:GCC Season 2 just arrived so my dream of painting Season 1 before that showed up did not pan out. 
      Father, Daughter, and Scarecrow

      Orphan (Cassandra Cain).  Not someone I know much about as far as Batman lore goes, but seems interesting.  Not sure how she's an orphan if her dad is still alive...  Painting her was a bit tough, as some of her details were pretty small.  
      Orphan (David Cain).  Another person I'm not too familiar with.  And I hate painting white so...not a fan of how he came out. 
      Scarecrow.  I LOVE how he came out.  One of my favorites of this series so far.  He looks so pale and weather beaten. 
      Mr Bloom's Gang.  Unrelated to the story, but I need to speed up my painting game, so I'm adding one henchman/police group each time, even if they aren't involved in the story.

    • By Unit04
      B:GCC - Mission 15 "Panic at the Court" asks the heroes to hack a server and defuse bombs while keeping the immortal (?) Talon and his Court of Owls at bay.  
      Talon and the prisoner henchmen

      Talon is...boring.  He's all black and grey, with a tiny bit of color in his eyes.  I wound up using Ram Black to give a little color to his gloves and leather bits.  
      The prisoners are colorful though!
    • By Unit04
      B:GCC - Mission 14 "Biological Scourge" teams up the noble Ra's Al Ghul with the sewer dwelling Ratcatcher.  Really?  Anyway, the heroes have to beat up the bad guys to get the antidote and also kill a bunch of rats. Unfortunately I put this group off and when I got back to it, I glossed them before I took their picture, so sorry about the shine.  
      Ra's slumming it with his new pal.

      Ra's cape (at least the interior) was not fun to paint.  I do like him as a villain though.  Having David Warner's voice in the Batman Animated Series did not hurt.
      Ratcatcher.  Fun fact, he's listed as Rat Master on some parts of the game.  Monolith really needs better QC.    
      Thugs with Guns!  Henchmen gotta hench.  
    • By Unit04
      B:GCC - Mission 13 "Suicide Escape" has two traditional Suicide Squad members attempting to flee prison.  Kind of an interesting mission where the villains are passive until they aren't.  They are basically meandering around the jail until they decide to pull the trigger and attack.  

      Croc's left eye was not as well defined as his right, it was pretty annoying.  He still came out pretty well though.  I tried to make his trench-coat extra dirty.
      I had a tough time with Deadpool Deadshot because his color scheme is kind of all over the place.  Or maybe better put, his outfits are all over the place, as he tends to have the same colors, just in different locations.  And finding this outfit was nigh impossible.  Still, I really like how he came out.  His color scheme is very bright and really pops, especially when next to the drab, earthy Killer Croc.
      Not quite enough room for a full family photo this time, so the minions get put the the bottom.  I'm not saying the color scheme is based off a football team near me, but I'm not saying its not...

    • By Unit04
      B:GCC - Mission 12 "The Purge" has you trying to stop Two-Face from some nefarious deed that involves you purging some vats before time is up.  And we are halfway through!  Not as far as miniatures are concerned, but the core book has 24 missions so we have reached the middle.  Most bad guys are not reused, but lots of heroes are, so I have very few heroes left to paint but still a box load of villains.  And, of course, henchmen (and the heroic counterpart).  
      (Sorry for the double post but I got a new computer and spent waaay too much time playing on it instead of setting it up to post pictures of stuff. )

      I think I need to find a better technique to keep the whites bright and yet still get the shadows painted.  

      Since I had no new heroes to paint, I am working my way through henchmen.  Painting the Thugs with Guns to finish off my thug list. 

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