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Norse/Northlands Campaign, No Grumps!

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I had a surreal moment last night, working on the game and decided that being able to gain dwarf allies would be good, and put in the dwarves wanting to reclaim a dwarf church in the PCs' area.  

There's a lovely old folk tale from Norfolk (that's Norfolk in England, not North Fork in America).   A man was out walking late one night. He got lost and eventually found himself in front

I never considered that he might offer to adopt her.   And tell her that she didn't need to rush for a husband, what she needs is a family.   And then roll a 19 on his Diplomacy ro

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The PCs are fighting from the top down, and took on one of the two most effective bad guys first, which meant they had all their combat resources.


The next most effective fled as soon as he heard the queen had fallen, taking his dog with him.


Not because he's a coward, but because he wants to protect his dog.


I have decided Fang looks feirce, and is good in a fight, but really is just a big old puppy inside. ::P:


Both Cullen and Fang WILL be back.

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This week, they hit the Keep Donjon.


Lots o' spiders and snakes.


Jenny will NOT be happy! Her two least favorite creatures. :devil:


After the Donjon comes the gobbers, led by a twisted fiendish ogre.


Which reminds me, I need a fiendish ogre.


I am thinking this guy:


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Like the lady says, there WILL be dragons!


The first one they will meet is dead, but still moving. A draugr dragon.


It WANTS to die, but is bound to its own rotting carcass, even death did not release it. It swore an oath to protect and hold its treasure while still a living dwarf.


Not dwerger, it predates the curse, but it was a sign of things to come. A thief when alive, blinded by his own greed. Gloating over the hoard he stole from his own kin and others.


It also has a lot of the campaign background, in the unlikely event they can talk to it.


Breath weapon is a cloud of stinging, biting insects.


First chance the party will have for a MAJOR treasure.


Running low treasure to that point, then making it all up in that one location.


It seems like both of the major treasure hoards I have for the campaign came with dragons attached. :devil:


I may keep that as a theme.


Dragons HOARD.


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This week, maybe, the Chaotic Annoying werefox ranger/rogue may be making her appearance.


She's amoral, but not evil.


I decided that werefoxes have an alignment of Any Neutral. Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral, True Neutral, etc.. I may change this to Any Chaotic, but I want flexibility.


She's CN, and Any Neutral gives her room to change if things go wahoonie shaped. If they rescue her, she will be on the inside pissing out. :devil:



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Adding ANOTHER dragon. Grump got me the really nice Wizkids one.


And blacksmithies both whole and ruined.


I am thinking a broken Holy Avenger named Wyrmslayer needs repaired, and a dragon interrupts.


Which means I need a figure for a priest-smith.

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I think at the climax I will attack King Olaf Sons-Cursed's castle and homesteading with dragons.


Remember that dwarf that cursed him in the first place?


And that powerful and angry evil dwarves can go Fafnir?




Build up the PCs to expect to have to kill Olaf, then have them need to recapture his lands from something much, much worse.


I am thinking they can save the Witch-Born Prince, but that the people will blame him for the dragon.


Plus, I don't think he wants to be King. He's just the only son left.


That's a lot of I Thinks, but early stages. ::):

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Thing about thinks is sometimes you rethink and turn them into thunks.


Took a nap when BD took hers, and had a dream, now I have a completely different climax for the campaign.


Going to need to lay pipe for King Olaf the Sons-Cursed, back when he was Prince Olaf the Even-Handed, fighting and killing a dragon, but coming back a different man, darker souled, and more driven by selfishness, after his best friend died, saving him from the dragon's breath.


In actual truth, Olaf did not win, and not Dragon, but Zmei.


Shapechanger, and of multiple heads.

77580_p_1_mp.jpgZmei Petrov, now known as King Olaf.


So many typos! Normally I'd leave them, but too many!

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