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Norse/Northlands Campaign, No Grumps!

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Grump's paladin is SUCH a freaking paladin.


The good kind, not the a-hole kind.


He talked a panicked ghost down, and protected it from a PC.


Now I need to flesh out things I didn't bother with because there was no way they would just TALK to the kid.


I had a guerilla haunting planned, the cleric hurts it, it runs away, goes into hiding, and does sneaky little bits of horror.


Great scene that derailed my plans.


He gave the cleric his holy symbol and weapon, then sat on the floor to talk, telling the ghost he had old knees, if the ghost wants to run away.


Then he went SLOW telling the ghost to ask HIM questions, since it is the ghost's home.


Improving things one level at a time. Telling the ghost about his daughters, and how they would be just about his age if he had survived.


One REALLY bad roll, but Grump used his Diplomacy reroll to reroll and got a lot better the second time. So, he dodged a fumble.


The ghost is now Helpful.


And the party is going to try to end the thing in the cellar that is waking the dead.


Which I can tie back into my main plot by making it one of the anchors for the curse.


They will need a Hallow spell, which is too high level, so they have get a scroll or hire a cleric to cast it.


Which I can tie into the dwarf plot, since there is a convenient ruined dwarf monastery that the dwarves will want cleansed. Which has a perfectly acceptable reason to have a Hallow scroll or two, and means I can chase the party out of the Keep to go hexploring!


If they don't find the scrolls then the dwarf cleric can cast it for them.


So, I can interrupt clearing the Keep, and maybe get them some much needed resources.


The path to the dwarven monastery takes them through the hex with the second possible town site, and will give them a place to put their followrrs, who are currently camping, and getting grumbly about it.


Which allows me to introduce the orcs, who will start raiding the camp.


They need a town.


And the town map has two versions, open and with improvised fortifications.


My plan is coming together as I write!


I think I may have an orc scouting party track the party back from the monastery. If the players spot them and take them ALL out then they can prevent an early attack on the open town, and gain time to improvise fortifications.


Realizing I want a LOT of dragons in this campaign.

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That shield is now a cursed Artifact.


Maybe too powerful for them to want to destroy, which is the point. It is a danger magnet, and does bad things to the psyche of whoever holds it.


And has a specific way to destroy it, because Artifact.

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The settlers just sprouted two witches.


One hedge witch/midwife, and the other is TROUBLE, and hates witches and magic. In my head I am calling him Cotton Mather.

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Started painting up an orc shaman


Scary, twisted, dark. NOT! That's what he was supposed to be.


Tired, old, and SANE! Is what he is.




I'm still statting him up.


If they ever need to talk to a sane old orc that is tired of war, this is the guy. ::):



And the dwarves. These are the guys that will hire the party to recover the dwarf monastery.




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Next week Grump's paladin mount shows up, and so does the groups first possible hill giant ally.


A hill giant druid that is accompanying the horse, because it asked him to.


More orcs, too, who only know about the PCs, not the settlers and the warriors that come with.


Depending on how a PC Knowledge (Engineering) comes out, the camp may or may not be complete enough to protect everybody.


There are more orcs than warriors, but the roll will determine how many of the warriors have cover, and how good the cover is.


50 orcs, and 5 ogres vs. 30 human warriors, and 10 dwarfs.


Thses numbers will change, if the PCs can talk the giant into staying.


If they do I am adding 10 more orcs and 2 more ogres. The giant still gives them an edge, but I want it to be a challenge.


The giant won't have any hardened dung boulders, being a strangely civilized sort for a hill giant druid.


He will also be judging the settlers, and whether his people should start dealing with them or move away. True Neutral.


I wish one of the PCs was a dwarf, I think DtY's half orc is the only one that speaks giantish.

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