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Norse/Northlands Campaign, No Grumps!

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Picked up the STL for a big green dragon with a druid.


The PCs don't know it, bur they need to RESCUE the dragon.


That druid is EVIL, and the dragon ISN'T.


But the druid has an Orb of Dragon Kind.


Meanwhile, Winter is falling, the frost giants will be coming out of the mountains.


Some will be friendly.


Others won't.


And the friendlies will need help.


I just hope I will get to USE the minis, running online SUCKS as motivation to paint minis.

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Allies so far:

Clan of hill giants

Clan of dwarfs.

Clan of woodelves.


Unreliable ally/frienemy:

Draugr dragon.

Barrow wights.

Brondmand, as long as they can keep it placated.



Orcs. So. Many. Orcs.

Duergar and fire giants. Turn about is fair play.

King Olaf/Zmei. Soon he will start sending men to take the PCs' towns.

Maybe kill Piotr's wife. More likely she flees to Piotr's parents, so Grump and company have to go to not-Russia.

The Wild Hunt.

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Began the next phase.

Olaf tried to force Piotr's wife to divorce Piotr and marry him - then tried brute force when persuasion did not work.


Losing two men and instigating war with Piotr's jarl.


She has fled Olaf's lands, and is with Piotr's parents in Rodnia. (Not-Russia.)


Grump's Piotr is in a stronger position than Olaf, but does not realize that Olaf isn't Olaf, but a shapeshifted zmey.


On the other hand, Piotr's allies includes two dragons, including one he paid to have resurrected, when he discovered that the green had been under the control of an orb of dragonkind.


The kind of debt the dragon will not forget - especially since Olaf and the dragon destroyed the orb.


So, elves, dwarves, dragons, giants, and men against men and a big honking three headed magic using dragon. (Wyrm.)


The next stop is Rodnia, with a visit by Baba Yaga, who has a relationship of sorts with the zmey. If they play their cards right, they can learn what Olaf really is.


Dragonships will set sail while they are away, attacking their coastal settlements. The first fight will not go well for the invaders, I think, Piotr has made allies of the local giants, who will aim at the ships first.


The second battle will be harder, especially if any of the ships manage to get away.


The frost giants come first though.

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