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Norse/Northlands Campaign, No Grumps!

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I had a surreal moment last night, working on the game and decided that being able to gain dwarf allies would be good, and put in the dwarves wanting to reclaim a dwarf church in the PCs' area.  

There's a lovely old folk tale from Norfolk (that's Norfolk in England, not North Fork in America).   A man was out walking late one night. He got lost and eventually found himself in front

I never considered that he might offer to adopt her.   And tell her that she didn't need to rush for a husband, what she needs is a family.   And then roll a 19 on his Diplomacy ro

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I picked up some dwarf ruin map PDFs.


I think I will make those ruins the first encounter the PCs have with both the drow and the duergar.


They are all going to be after the same thing, and the drow and the duergar will both already be there, and fighting each other.



And my friend the dwarven stone golem will be awake and clubbing EVERYBODY! ::D:


If you look at the map, you can see there used to be TWO stone golems, but one has been smashed.


This is IMPORTANT! :devil:

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I originally planned this for Grump's birthday, September 13.


I am EXACTLY six months late! :lol:


Playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion.


It is really fond of dungeons where two factions are already fighting when the hero shows her face.


But I really like that. ::):

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You can combine all four of the Trostenhall maps into one big mega map. It makes for a beautiful dwarven ruin that actually has a very Dragon Age feel. It would be easy to imagine a horde of darkspawn rampaging through those ravaged halls. I actually used it for a nightmare portion in The Fade where my heroes were trying to find the a powerful sleeping apostate and wake them from their nightmare so that they could all return to the waking world. To further complicate things the apostate was a child who was scared of the darkspawn and hiding because they did not know it was a dream. It was a fun sequence to run.


Anyway, the Trostenhall maps are gorgeous.

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I wasn't expecting Jon's character to Rage and slaughter Prince Nils in one round, while Julie's witch used Charm Person to keep the prince's shield bearer from attacking Jon's character.


The shield bearer's name is Grettir the Strong, and he will be exiled along with the PCs, for failing in his duty to ptotect the prince.


Things will not go well for him :devil: He is a Jonah, and carries Trouble with him.

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First branch coming up, as they choose which river to settle on.


The northern bay has a completely devestated village, the PCs can partially fortify it, but will be facing orc raids from night three.


The southern rivermouth  has a semi abandoned stone keep, right on the fall line, the upper floors occupied by the few surviving original inhabitants, now turned pirate. (Shadowed Keep on the Borderland).


Three level dungeon down underneath, goblins, undead, and more undead.


A harder fight, but they get a solid keep for their starting settlement.


Not a Viking style building, maybe late Norman? But it will do.


The northern settlement starts them on the defensive. The southern one starts with them being the aggressors.


To make up for this, the northern site also has the beginning of an iron mine, with a mixed silver/copper site further north, but no workings yet.


Eventually they will own both the north and south sites, but right now they need to pick one. ::):


The dwarves that will be joining them would be more than willing to take the northern site, so the southern one is where I hope the put down roots.


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I am assuming that they WILL want a river site, since they have two drakkar and a small cog to start with. Family, retainers, retainers' families. The cog is not technically theirs, but the owning family is allied to Grump's jarl's family.


Around level 4 or 5 they will ask to set up shop in the PC settlement. Maybe 6. A dwarf trading family, and why the dwarfs start moving in, once the PCs do them a little favor.


I have a map for a fallen dwarven monastery and the nearby woods.



This was freaky, the map showed up the day after I started plotting out a fallen dwarven monastery.

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Not pirates - VIKINGS!


But targeting the coasts of the homeland, not foreign shores.


Raiders, with drakkar that the PCs can take or destroy, after they deal with the raiders.


And more than half the raiders have already been killed. Things are not going well for them.


One of the raiders will try to escape on night 3. TAKING HIS DOG WITH HIM! ::D: 


He will be back in a few months, asking to join the settlement. Faithful woof woof by his side, with a new level of Ranger. Chaotic Neutral, but not destructive.


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More that they have access to a cog, it belongs to a dwarf trading family.


And can make one or two runs for them in a year, the rest of the time it will be in use by the family.


So, just what they can fit in the drakkars for people and goods, and in six months the cog will show up for a trade run, then show back up in four months, then gone until the same time the next year - unless the dwarves can build a successful trading post.


The important thing is that they know the cog WILL be showing up, and can plan for it, and hopefully have something to trade.


Lumber, furs, and ores, to start with.


Thd dwarves have superior metalurgy, and use magic in the forges and foundries, in particular the use of e!ementals.


Fire, Air, and Earth - Fire and Air together to create the needed heat, Earth to keep the ore in constant motion. I don't know if they are at Bessemer yet. But well beyond AD 1000.

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