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Middara: Unintentional Malum


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Not quite sure why I keep looking at boardgame Kickstarters, but I stumbled across this one that starts on 24th June.


It's for a reprint of the base game from their previous Kickstarter:-




And a pair of Expansions:-






Looks very JRPG influenced, which is what has me interested.


They've got a draft page up at the mo, with more info, playthrough videos and stuff:- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/succubuspublishing/772262949?ref=854027&token=fd1cf2b1

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I can vouch for the first print.  It's absolutely immense and wonderful.  Great minis, cards, etc.  They came through after some problems and 3 years past the original KS and delivered everything.


Edit:  Might have to go in on the Returning to the Portal pledge.

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I am 22 sessions in (playing solo) and the gameplay is great. Customizing your characters with both skills and items is really fun and it has a narrative campaign whose writing is, as the kids say, "Anime AF". Standard fare if you are into old-school JRPGs. The quality of the miniatures is so-so (Panda Manufacturing is getting better, but still). Overall, I will be backing the second go round.

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