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14212 Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord

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@Viking_hank, the yellows I used were from the bones line, based with lantern yellow for a slight orange tint, glazed with chestnut gold, then hightlighted with a mix of candlelight yellow and canary yellow, but if you meant for the dark area that were zenithal dark I usually (i.e. sleeve emblems) paint misty grey first so the yellow goes over a light color, but don't like to use white. 

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Carfax, for my reds I use cinnamon red (my fav red) as a base and wash with either red liner or red shadow depending how dark I want the shadows. For the midtones I than mix cinnamon red with P3 kadhor red base to pure kador red, and the highlights mix some sunrise orange (very little) into the midtone. can't tell by my bad camera but it gives the impression of satin cloth.

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