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Thanks everyone! 

I like how determined he looks. He's the strong, silent type for sure. 

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    • By nakos
      I'd asked after last year's Reapercon who to contact about volunteering. Initially it was Lady Storm but when she retired it changed and I think it was @ReaperAHawk that became the new point of contact. 
      Who, what and where do I need to send a request to help at Reapercon?
      Posted here in case others were wondering the same. 
    • By TGP
      This is just straight up sad from every angle.
      The reason it gets my attention is that many of us have visited this location. This happened on the parking lot attached to the venue ReaperCon used two years running.
      It may have spilled out of a high-school party held in that same event Center. (That tidbit was in the TV news this evening.)
      (Btw, The URL title/headline was not as accurate as it could have been but I guess that is an artifact of early less than accurate reporting. Woman is not so accurate: Amya Alane Batie was just 16.)
    • By Marineal
      Yay! This is my second diorama I'm finishing up for reapercon! This will be for the diorama category. I hope y'all like it! I'm probably going to add a plaque to the plinth...it look pretty naked... 
      It's titled "Avenge the Fallen" 
      I'm always up for c&c.

      Hope they make y'all smile. 
    • By Marineal
      He's done! He was the last one, so glad to have them finished up! 

      Let me know what y'all think!
    • By Marineal
      Number 3!
      Frumitty is supposed to resemble Mort from Madagascar. Also, check out his pockets, HE HAS STRAWBERRIES! How cute is that? I love that Jason Wiebe took the time to sculpt little strawberries. :D
      C&C is always welcome!

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