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Jurassic World Miniature Game


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So, I just realized there isn't a thread here yet on that officially licensed game based on everyone's favorite the best known dinosaur franchise (sorry, I prefer Xenozoic Tales, here):



I can't say I'm overly impressed, given they don't seem to have anything but renders yet (making that Jun. 2020 delivery date look... optimistic, to say the least), and given the English project page certainly hasn't been run by anyone legitimately 'bilingual', casting some doubt on whether they'll manage to pick a 'specialized game translator' that can actually deliver quality English text (particularly, I'm concerned they'll use someone normally doing English to French translation without considering that doesn't really prove they're good at doing the reverse).


I also don't like how they're being a little obtuse with the company(s) behind the project. Who exactly is Cimmeria? Why doesn't Exod have an actual website under that address? What does Bandecine have to do with anything?


Overall, I guess I just convinced myself to give this a pass. Backing French companies waving - maybe not the brightest, but still - red flags on Kickstarter has a tradition of being a bad idea. Not risking this being the exception to the rule.

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Exod was behind an unsuccessful Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/520660169/after-the-end-3), so it rather looks like Cimmeria projects is an obfuscation of the fact the key actors are the same. Not even sure there's any Malice behind that, I think it may be low self-confidence (their assuming if people easily found out about the other project, it'd turn them off).


Also, image of the core box contents to illustrate the point about too much just renders:


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29 minutes ago, Marineal said:

Well, I sent them a question about everything still being "subject to licensor approval". I'm not backing anything until Universal gives the go ahead. I love jurassic Park so so much, but I won't commit until I know it's real. 


Not that I'm recommending this ks or anything, but I think that is a pretty common disclaimer for any licensed project. And even if it isn't on the project page, you can be sure one exists anyway. Most companies are pretty protective of their IPs. They have a license to make the game or they'd likely already be shut down, the licensor approval is referring to specific minis, card art, box art, etc.


For instance the Street Fighter project I backed has this: " Products presented on this Kickstarter page and during the campaign may be subject to change in order to meet the expectations of the ©CAPCOM CO., LTD. license agreement."


I know I've seen a few projects run into delays thanks to needing licensor approval on specific bits.

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This project reminds me a lot of the Planet of the Apes Kickstarter.

- Licensed property that everyone knows, but isn't exactly a slam dunk
- Lots of renders
- Poor skills at English and/or communication in general
- Rulebook in Google English(TM)



I don't doubt that they have the license, actually.

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Well, they're decidedly non-responsive to PM request to clear up the Cimmeria/Exod/Bandecine confusion for those of us who aren't French insiders. +1 red flag.

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I have a concern regarding the value of the core box vs the value of the two expansion boxes, the two expansions do not seem to have many pieces for the additional cost.  I think I may stick with just the base game and see how it panes out.  Maybe it'll deliver closer t the release date for Jurassic World Three, lol.

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