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I Dream of Djinni (Bones 4 Fan Favorites)

Chris Palmer

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10 hours ago, Lostraven said:

Great job. The sword switch is perfect. Your logic is sound plus it is more aesthetically pleasing, I think.



Thank you!   Though I had someone with sword knowledge on the Reaper Facebook page subsequently explain to me that a weapon worn across the back like that is drawn directly, not across like one worn on the side would be.  So mounted like that I actually made her into a lefty! ::P:   Though I agree 100% that it is more ascetically pleasing, since that's how the sword was sculpted to be. ::):




7 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

Since the theme song from I Dream Of Jeannie has been running through my head ever since I looked at the first pic of your mini, I have to say you did a great job! Very creative!



Thank you!   Yes, it is something of an ear worm.  I was humming it while painting her. :lol:





Thanks everyone for the continued favorable comments!  I appreciate it.



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