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Bluferg, Fire Giant Jailor #77593


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Well considering he is suppose to be Huge in 5e terms, that would make him a 3" base. Pathfinder 1e size fire giants clock in at a 2" base (large). Since he came with the updated giants, I'd say it's a 3" base size.

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He was the Big Bad* for a campaign I created for a ten year old GM. ::):


And, yes, he looks most comfortable on a 3 inch base.


So, I used the Jotun Blood template from Advanced Bestiary, which not only adds a Size boost it adds some other special abilities.


The Auld Grump


* Well, kinda the Big Bad - while he was definitely the strongest and scariest of the villains, he was not the leader - being the gaoler and chief torturer were the jobs he wanted - sure, he could take on the King, but why would he want to?... The bad guys were a mix of fire giants and duergar.

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