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Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

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2 minutes ago, StarFyre said:

still hope we do near a million first day.  first hour would be great but i know that wont happen :)

First Day Totals:

Bones 1       $7,077

Bones 2   $948,591

Bones 3   $711,394

Bones 4   $556,904



A million would be awesome, but I'm guessing it will be between 500-600k.   I do hope I'm wrong. 

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34 minutes ago, neomage2021 said:

For detailed statistics of bones 4 here is a live spreadhseet i made. I'll be making one for bones 5 but probably not until this evening.

Bones 4 statistics spreadsheet


That is awesome!  Thanks for sharing, and please link when you set up the sheet for B5.


Data, delicious data .... nom nom nom

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1 minute ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:

I'm working I'm working!!

 @TaleSpinner and Rainbow Sculptor - thank you and the other artists for making all the cool things!  You folks bring happiness and joy to a lot of people.

I'll do my part to see that day 1 record gets broken!

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