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Pre-Launch Bones 5 Excitement thread

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1 hour ago, Thoramel said:

I asked my wife last night what my budget should be. She said to just get what I want and not to stress out about it. On the one hand, that's quite liberating. On the other hand, I'm a pretty frugal person and going into a kickstarter this big without an upper limit is kind of stressful. Doesn't matter though, I won't be thinking of that 18 months down the road when I get a giant box of stuff. 




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2 minutes ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:

Come watch the launch over at Twitch!


Got a lipstick ad. Google tracking fail. Pretty much that is good news, on balance.

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9 minutes ago, Corsair said:

@TaleSpinner and @Rainbow Sculptor would you both post when your sculpts show up? Your friends would like to know!


I usually do, as I can offer views that the KS can't.  I have WIP shots ready for mine and plan on posting the WIPs for each in Sculpting as well.

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5 minutes ago, Rainbow Sculptor said:


How are they going to have time in the first 30 minutes of a KS to also do a broadcast.  Are we just going to watch Ed watching Ron furiously typing on his laptop, with a bell going "Ding" every few minutes int he background?

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