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Weird West: A Prickly Pair (original sculpts)

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Love the cacti folk! If you ever run something in New Crobuzon, do share. If I thought I could do it, I'd run something in Armada myself!

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11 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Cool creations!

Original and well executed!

Thanks! Glad you like them--it was a learning experience. 

8 hours ago, Dr Boom said:

Cactacae! You've gotta love a Mieville reference.

Nailed it! Ya know, there are enough Wyrd Victorian sculpts and body-horror monster minis out there to run a pretty solid intrigue-and-monsters campaign. Ooo, you'd need both a Sanity tracker AND a Bodily Integrity tracker (mutations are just insanities for your flesh after all).

6 hours ago, Iridil said:

Love the cacti folk! If you ever run something in New Crobuzon, do share. If I thought I could do it, I'd run something in Armada myself!

I'd love to see that, and I believe you can! Lord knows Reaper has Weird Pirates aplenty...and it's not like any monster, race, class, occupation, or building is too crazy to fit the setting. Just keep it grim, unjust, creepy, and factionalized; introduce something that a bunch of factions feel VERY strongly about in different ways, and let the PCs at it! 

It JUST now struck me that, with its themes of self-destructive obsession and nautical monster-hunting, you could describe "The Scar" as "Mieville meets Melville."

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Great sculpts! Makes me think of the old joke: :"How do porcupines make love? Very carefully!"

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      which really settled the question of "how do I put dryad hair on a cactus lady and make it work?" 
      Twisted up an armature for a dude and a lady, 

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      Here's a very rough outline of the dryad's torso with a preliminary series of grooves, almost none of which will probably make it to the finished product.

      Both she and the lariat-wielding saguaro vaquero will have blunt, stubby feet and arms with little muscle or joint definition, both because that's how saguaros do and because I am...not a professional sculptor by a long chalk. 

      C&C welcome; this is the rough draft of the first draft of each of them and I'll be doing a lot of trimming and repositioning, no doubt.
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