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GenCon 2019 D&D Minis Event Prizes

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So, It is that time of year again! When the winds of flatulence waft the delecate aromas of nerdfunk into ones nostrils! The Convention season is here! And I won't be going to one! At least not a big one. So no GenCon for me :( But I'm still supporting the DDM Guild events there! So, I'm sharing my WiP pictures here.






The "Thundercorn" as I am calling it, is nearly done. just a bit of touch ups and the base to go.






The Pit Fiend just has the base coats on at this time.










The White Wyrmling has the second layer of shading started.






This is a Scaladar. I think it is supposed to be a robot scorpion that shoots lightning. I have a rather ambitious plan for it though. It has a bunch of cracks in its armor and joints. I'm painting those cracks to look like it has bright crackling lightning inside it! Then I plan to paint the armor a bronze or brass.



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That mechscorpion could be used in a Necron Army!

Awesome model.


I like the concept of a thundercorn!

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5 hours ago, Brother Jim said:

How big is the base on that Scaladar??



It is "Huge" so 3 inch diameter circle. Also, I think it isn't a rare mini so it shouldn't be too expensive to get one on the singles market.



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UPDATE! Due to several events here, including a burnt out lightbulb that required a ladder taller than I have at my apartment to change and tendonitis in my left foot, I have not gotten any progress on this the last several days. I'm planning on doing some work tonight or early tomorrow morning. My foot is feeling a lot better but still tender and painful when I put my weight on it for any length of time.



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UPDATE! Three of the minis are nearly done! 1-2 more got significant progress.






Thundercorn just needs sealed now.








Pit Fiend's wings are almost done.








The Young Black Dragon has gotten worked on recently.



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