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Space Kraken (in spaaaace)!

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Ooooh, purple, OneBoot, shiny, a kraken.... And half a world to take over... 


I like where this is going! 

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Oh, I forgot to mention, before I started I did something I haven't done in (mumble) years, and that's clean ALL OF THE PAINTBRUSHES. YES EVEN THAT ONE.



I have also acquired three SHINY new detail brushes!



Here's where I am in my testing. First, I knew I'd need to put primer on the globe so the paint would stick, but I got this globe specifically because it had such nice terrain features (so I could just basically trace over them rather than trying to freehand half the Earth :wacko: ). So I tried a well-thinned coat of white primer (I wish I'd written down how thin I'd made it, but I did this over a year ago and can't remember), and it went on nicely while also leaving all of the features visible.



You can also see where I was playing around with tracing the outline of Antarctica with both Solid Black and a thinned coat of...one of my tan-ish browns, not sure which one. The paint stuck quite nicely, and while I did try a bit over a non-primed area, the coverage was better with the primer. Which is good because I'm going to need decent coverage to block out all of the text on this thing. :lol:


Next I poked through my blues and pulled out two very different ones, since I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go for a more stylized look (the brighter blue bits in the picture) or more realistic. 



Realistic won out, and I had so much fun I just sort of...kept going long after I was done with my test. :lol:


Here's a more representative picture of what the color looks like in person. It's suuuuper pretty, a nice deep blue with a fair hint of teal in it:



And here's the color I used:



:blink: Wow that's a big picture, sorry about that. It's just so much faster to snap a picture of whatever paint bottle(s) I'm using, and it makes it easier to find it again when I'm skimming back through my thread trying to remember what color I used.


Next I did a test over a desert area with, appropriately enough, Desert Tan. :lol:





Oh yeah, I like how that looks! :bday: 


Now, granted, what I'm doing on the southern hemisphere is just a really rough figuring out of colors kind of thing. The final result will have a lot more color variation and blending, such as lighter blue near the coastlines, etc.


So, that's where I am right now. I hope this turns out the way I'm visualizing it will, because it looks so cool in my head! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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fixed pictures
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Do eeeet!

“Space Kraken is eating the globe, sir!”

”Where is Astro Perseus with the Celestial Gorgon Head when you need him?”

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...did someone say "IN SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!"?  

I am HERE for this project. Keep us posted! 

What color scheme would such an interplanetary calamari have? 

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1 hour ago, Rigel said:

What color scheme would such an interplanetary calamari have? 


5 hours ago, blargney said:

Neat!  Which continent will end up in daylight?  Are you going to light up the cities at night?




I was literally planning on making my next post on exactly these things! (nicely done, I'll have your pay ready after the show)


First, the squidy itself.


This took me the loooooongest time to decide on. I looked at dozens of space pictures, but nothing was really sticking. One day I was talking about it with @Guindyloo, and she asked if I'd considered bioluminescent sea creatures (or something to that effect, this happened quite awhile ago (it's also possible the idea just happened to randomly come while I was chatting with her, but I'll still give her the credit ^_^)).


So after a bunch more Google image searches, I came up with the following as my main inspirations:



This one will be my primary reference, especially with how the body looks sort of translucent; it's an effect I'd love to try and capture! I plan to make a black backdrop for the final piece that will hopefully help to sell it better. I will also add hints of stars to the Kraken to help with that. I also really like the bright orange bits on it and how the contrast the blue body; I plan to paint the barnacles like this.




This is more of a color reference, and will likely lean heavily on this while doing the inside of the mouth (since I'd like that to be the most colorful part). Also, the neon green dots are cool!




I loved the look of the luminescent sensory spots, and it gave me an idea of what to do with the softer areas of the body. 


So while the Kraken itself won't be particularly space-like, I hope to evoke that sense of alien-ness with careful use of a few neon colors against a more muted "translucent" body, and a vividly colorful mouth.


...I did mention this was a fairly ambitious project. :upside:


As for the eyes, they will either be galaxies or normal-ish squid eyes.












                       :bday: :bday:  :bday:







As for the planet, yes, I will totally be doing the day/night divide, with lights coming on in the night areas. Like so!



I plan to follow this pretty much exactly (since freehand is NOT my strength, but I can do okay following a picture). I also have this next picture to help with the areas the first picture doesn't show:




So...yeah. That's my master plan. It's gonna be a ton of work, but no matter what it ends up winning at ReaperCon, I'm gonna be so happy to finally have this crazy idea out of my head and into real life at last. ::D:



--OneBoot :D

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I've been playing around with different terrain colors, and found several I'm happy with so far. Note: again, I'm not bothering with any sort of blending, I'm just blocking out colors to see what I like. Also to try and figure out the best application method before starting on the real thing. I've found that dabbing it on, rather than smoothly painting it, gives a neat textured effect that I rather like. I think with a little blending between the different biome types, it'll look fairly decent. That's the hope, anyways!






So I'm set for desert/arid areas. Now I just need to poke through my greens and find some good rainforest and pine forest colors, then I should be good to start on the northern hemisphere, which is the half I'll actually be using for the project. ^_^ 


Also just for fun I tried out a blue for the lakes; I think I'll end up using it as a coastal waters color instead, though, it's a bit lighter than I want for lakes.



I would have started priming the squid, but I forgot that I still need to scrub it off since I was handling it quite a bit trimming mold lines. 


I know all of these noodley tentacle things are going to be a pain. Already are a pain, really. So much trimming and sanding, ugh. :zombie:




--OneBoot :D

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    • By OneBoot
      *blows a thick layer of dust off of her tiny corner of the WIP section*
      *sneezes violently*
      Wow, it's been...way too long since I last posted a project here! 
      So, this is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head since Argent was announced, and I've finally gotten around to putting it into action. This is just for fun, and unless it turns out unexpectedly amazing, I don't plan to enter him at ReaperCon, which makes him just right for easing me back into regular painting!
      My original idea was this: I discovered a paint pen that holds the EPITOME OF SHINY CHROME DELICIOUSNESS (search for Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker if you too want to revel in the glorious shiny) (also a shoutout to @LordDave for introducing me to this loveliness!). I already HAVE a shiny metallic dragon in my Ma'al drakar, and I couldn't have two all-metallic gigantic dragons in one household. It would just lead to bickering and drama about who's the favorite and oh-she-smudged-my-scales oh-no-I-didn't-he-started-it and honestly who even needs that? SO I wanted to experiment with painting Argent up using regular paints, then using the paint pen just on select scales and edges as a highlight.
      In my head it looks FREAKING AWESOME.  Buuuut since there's a lot of unknowns about this pen and how well reality will conform to my vision...


      First up, I tried my original plan of regular paint with chrome on the edges of stuff. I slopped these paints:

      onto part of a spare Bones Battleguard Golem, since these are some of the colors I'm planning to use on Argent (haven't fully settled on my color scheme for him, but that'll come later). I forgot to take pictures of that part, so you'll just have to use your imagination!
      Next, I used the chrome pen to try a few things; outlining armor segments, dot highlights, thicker vs. thinner lines, etc. And...none of them actually looked all that good. The chrome is just so very distractingly shiny compared to the matte paint that it just looks...bad.  But that's okay! This is what doing science is all about: trying lots of things and seeing what works! (Also known as "throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks" but I thought that might get kind of messy in this context)
      So, next I tried chroming an entire shoulder section and glazing some of the Clear Phthalo Blue over the top.
      (sorry for the blurry pictures, I may have been quivering from excitement )
      (also ignore the random bits of gold, those are from a previous unrelated experiment)


      This looked...much more promising! Huzzah!
      Which brings me both to the next phase of testing, and my next post because this one has gotten long enough!
      --OneBoot :D
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