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77627: Shipwreck Revenant


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Glad you all like it!


13 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

Really like his look, especially the look of that base. Really well done. I'd love to know how you managed that water effect, aside from just pouring clear resin. Been thinking about creating some "water" bases for Bones 4 rowboat and giant fish, so I've been pondering how best to do this...


Well I used a base I had lying around, flat sides helped. When it came to pouring the resin I made a dam out of packing tape. I folded it over but left a portion of the adhesive exposed so I could fix it to the rim of the base with some hanging down past the bottom. Did my best to make sure it didn't wrinkle and had no air bubbles or gaps. I also used a bit of hot glue underneath for extra insurance against leaks. Next time though I'll have to find something else as the hot glue was a pain to remove. Then I poured the resin (I did tint it blue) once it was cured I pulled the dam off and added the ripples. I just used a few coats of acrylic gel medium stippled with a brush. Once it was all dried I added just a touch of white paint to some of the ripples. As a finishing touch.


A few tips as well. I used an old box to catch any leaking resin. And I did have a small leak despite my efforts. Also I would cover the resin while it cures to avoid getting dust or animal hair inbeded in it. 


Hope that helps. And I hope to see your idea some time! 

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