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Resurrecting the Old School Undead

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Undercoating is done.


Black, Dirty Bone, and Steel Legion Drab.


Concrete Craft paint and Steel Legion Drab on the rocks/moss. 


The old flock and gravel still attached made navigating the brush a bit tricky, but I'm not too worried about it, the addition layer of paint seems to have stuck it down and it'll provide a bit of texture. 

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Began getting into my stash of terrain supplies...


Carved on the foam a bit and attempted a stone pathway from the scrap bits and mounted it to a balsa wood disc. Once this dries, I'll begin experimenting with wood filler as a landscape medium. This is my first attempt at proper terrain in many a moon, so I've only a rough idea how it'll turn out. 

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First layer of armor. Shadowed Steel on the paldroon, Honed Steel on the mail, and Hashut Copper on quivers, buckles, and rivets.


Same three colors, I put a thin line of Hashut Copper on the edges of the armor to further seperate it from the mail.  The cloth was based in Rainy Grey, the idea being to portray a burial shroud beneath the armor. 

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Added a 50/50 mix of Stormy and Cloudy Grey.


Unlike the Reaper Graveyard pieces I did last year, I didn't want to lighten the stone much further here.


Abused the washes again, watered down Black Wash on the bones and cloth bits, P3 Armor Wash on the metal.


Which led to similar on the mausoleum.


Picked out the rest of the moss with Steel Legion Drab, then hit the whole piece with some Agrax Earthshade. Followed that with heavily watered down Christmas Wreath, giving it a nice greenish tint that refuses to be photographed.


Other than adding a quick drybrushing of Steel Legion Drab to the moss, I'm calling it done. Once it's attached to the base, there'll be some flock added to smooth the transition. 


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Finally got cool enough in the garage, so I got around to experimenting with the wood filler.


There's a few parts I'll go back over with a second layer, but other than a tendency to be rather clumpy, it went on easy enough. I wouldn't recommend it for fine applications, but it seems to work well for unhallowed graveyard earth. 


It claims on the package to be sandable and to resist cracking, so we'll see what it looks like tomorrow.


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Reinforcements! Some Grenadier Skeleton Archers. The far left one had to have his arm pinned and glued back on, seems to be holding up well. Originally, they came on round bases, but I switched them over to old GW squares, so they rank up with the others. 


Base/Undercoat of Dirty Bone, Pure Black, and Steel Legion Drab.

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The Grenadiers received a lathering of watered down Black Wash, and Shadowed Steel highlights on the heavier armor of the Heartbreakers.


Now to dirty it up some. Orange Brown was drybrushed/dabbed over both the heavy armor and the mail.


Then a watered down Brown Wash to tie it in.


This also toned down the shininess of the copper edging nicely and made the Orange Brown look less like applied dirt.


Hashut Copper and Black Wash on the quivers. Now everyone's pretty much on the same level and it's time to start doing more with the bones. Which is something that doesn't really need doing, they're fine as is, but I have some ideas I want to try out. 

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Well the packaging did not lie. Sandpaper smoothed things out nicely. Did a test fit with the mausoleum, a GW gravestone from a skeleton sprue, and a RAFM? grave statue. Looking back I probably should've pushed them in when the filler was wet, but once the flock goes on, it ought to blend. 


I wanted to leave a bit of open space on the front to perch minis on.


Turns out the gaps I feared on this side were a lot smaller than expected, so a bit a gravel should even things out. The slope going to be interesting when it comes to cover. The plan is to make some dead shrubs out of floral wire, and have them along the edge of the mausoleum with root systems tangling down the sides. 


Stone has been blocked in with Pavement craft paint. 

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