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Resurrecting the Old School Undead

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Finished the Dirty/Graveyard Bone mix on batch 3...


and the command group...


Continued with flocking/leafing of the mausoleum...


Found some flat areas on the sides to put flock down to break up the brown dirt a bit, and a nice leaf pile under the tree...


Continued along the front...


and along the side, with addition leafing beneath the trees...


...and started blending in the mausoleum itself. 

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Since I was hoping to get the unit done by the end of the month, and having a bit of momentum from finishing Drangus and four mouslings, I delved back in...


Batch 3 after a thinned Brown Wash...


Same with the command group. I used straight Brown Wash on the drumstick bone and the horns of the ram skull to give a bit of difference between them and the skeletons.


First of Batch 2 has the Linen White highlight done

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Well...didn't meet the goal of finishing the bone yet, but made progress all the same...


Graveyard Bone applied...


Same on the command, as well as Blackened Steel, Ancient Bronze, Cursed Gold, Honed Steel,Dragon Red and a bit of Ebony Flesh. I also cut out the bottom of the unit tray but I'm holding off on that until I get these painted so I can get an accurate measurement. 

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