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Resurrecting the Old School Undead

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Having cornered and subdued my painting motivation this morning, some progress has been made...


Shadowed Steel/Honed Steel/Cursed Gold on the armor and weapons.



Clothing shreds are based in Shadowed Stone, and here have a 50/50 mix with Stone Grey already. I'll be trying to take it up all the way to white if I can. Same warm greys as Vlad and Isabella's clothes to tie the in further, and renicient of tattered grave shrouds.


Sword is Gunmetal Blue and Cursed Gold. I don't use the Gunmetal Blue very often, mostly because unlike steel colored metallics I don't have any lighter shades to layer it with and my mixing attempts haven't gone well with it. But it is a wonderful color for bringing the "ancient blade ripped out of a forgotten tomb" vibe, which is appropriate for a vampire general. 


Isabelle's dagger is done to match Vlad's sword, and Stormy Grey added to the lining of her dress.  I still need to finish putting down black on the gemstones and finish putting the Cursed Gold on her hair bat and chalice. 


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Started off with a bit of shield work.


A couple layers of Dragon Red.


Went over the interior with Rotting Wood, then attempted to drybrush some Ancient Bark in there. Went on heavier than planned, so I'm going to attempt toning it back down with some more thinned layers of Rotting Wood. Normally I'd just drybrush a grey over the black, but I thought I'd try to branch out a little. I'll get back to it after some more coffee.

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Mixed some Vallejo Field Grey in with the Rotting Wood this time. Also put down Ebony Flesh on the boots and shield straps.


Moved on the these two since they were the closest to being finished. Agrax Earthshade on the base, the halberd wielder got some Harvest Brown and Black Wash on what's left of his hair, and P3 Armor wash on the metals.



Drybrushed some Orange Brown over the armor to get some corrosion going and drybrushed some Pavement Grey over the wood.


Covered the armor and metal bits with Brown Wash to blend the orange in a bit. Now all they need is the blue/green wight blade treatment, sealing and basing. So two more for the side table!

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Having whittled down the Witch Hunters, I've spent the morning making some more progress on the Grave Guard.


P3 Armor Wash and Agrax Earthshade.



Light drybrushing of Orange Brown corrosion on the Grenadier's armor. Black wash over the Ebony Flesh on clothing, boots, etc.



Followed by bringing the grey on their clothing up a bit, then hitting it with a thinned Black Wash.



Same process on the clothing shreds on the others.



This one still needs a bit of Dirty Bone on his sword parchment.


The former elf is dirtying up nicely.


So other than a few gems, a sword parchment, dousing with Brown Wash and Wight bladification, the Heartbreakers are about done, and the Grenadiers need a bit of detailing and then the attempt at freehanding on the champion's shield and the banner can begin....

Leaving Vlad, Isabella, and the mausolium. As well as the beginnings of the next unit...


Some original GW skeletons with spears, scythes and shields. There's I think 17 of them, and they need some cleaning up/reassembling. But it'll be awhile before I can get to them.


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3 minutes ago, Inarah said:

Nice grungy looking skels.  They look like they've actually been buried for centuries. 


Thanks. I've been aiming to combine the black and white method of gothic style skeletons with the various shades of brown school of thought in these. 

The recipe I came up with is

White undercoat

Dirty Bone

Black Wash/Flow Improver/Water mix, 4/2/2 if memory serves

50/50 mix Dirty Bone/Graveyard Bone

Brown Wash thinned to tint

Graveyard Bone highlight

Sepia Liner thinned to tint

Linen White highlight



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