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Resurrecting the Old School Undead

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Finally got the wood putty onto the movement tray as well as the bases for the upcoming batch of minis, and got the flock glued down on the Grave Guard...


So tomorrow painting can begin on it.


Returning to the mausolium I patched up some places with Steel Legion Drab.


And drybrushed a layer of Ancient Bark onto the trees. I might go over them again later with a light tint of some manner of green to tone down the starkness a bit.

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During yesterday's battle to get the tree glued in, the mausoleum came off. But that might be for the best as it made getting in there with the contour putty much easier...


I also got a layer of black craft paint onto the movement tray, followed by Steel Legion Drab, and a slathering of Agrax Earthshade...


It'll be getting sprayed with matte sealer before I begin flocking.


And got another branch done with the contour putty. 

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After realizing that the Skeleton Key metallic than came in the Dungeon Dwellers paint set has a bit of bluish tint to it, I went over Vlad's sword with it...


Seems to go well together, hopefully the armor wash will blend them in a bit.


Went over Isabella's dagger with it as well, also putting down the rest of the black, some Cursed Gold and combination of Skeleton Key and Balthazar Gold on the Von Carstein crunk cup, as well as Fresh Blood for it's contents. I added some wood putty to her and Vlad's bases yesterday and started going over them with Steel Legion Drab. 

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Further progress on the vampires...


P3 Armor Wash added...


The dress lining was first given a 50/50 Stormy Grey/Cloudy Grey mix, then a highlight of pure Cloudy Grey. Her and and Vlad's were drybrushed in Vallejo Luftwaffe Uniform, then again with some Nightfall craft paint mixed in. Her white streaks were given a coat of Misty Grey. 


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They're almost done now...


Added a highlight layer of Pure Black/Stormy Grey to his armor, boots and cape.



Same on Isabella's gloves. Also put some thinned Red Ink over the blood in the chalice.


So now to highlight the warmer Grey parts, and a few other details. 

I also remembered that I was going to add some of my dead leaf mix to the bases, so the first unit of archers, and the Grave Guard were given another spraying with the matte sealer yesterday and I should have that done by the end of today. Hopefully I can add Vlad and Isabella to the "leafening" as well, leaving only the Mausoleum of Eternal Incompleteness....

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Flock has been added to the movement tray...


Ebony Flesh on the trunk and roots of tree 3...


And an annoying breakage....


Next I thinned down some Orc Skin from the Dungeon Dweller's paint set and added it to trees 1 & 2...


Doesn't seem to show much in the pics, but it toned down the chalkiness from the Ancient Bark quite nicely...


What was left went on the stone path and the mausoleum...


Then I girded myself for battle which tree 4...


The contour putty is getting to the last of the tube, so has been more difficult than usual. 

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Got the root system puttied in...


Went heavy to give extra attachment to the base.


And got the next tree fully puttied..


...and the first tube of contour putty is empty. So five trees per tube, not bad. 

I also got the grey finished on the vampires...


Stone Grey over what had come before, then a Stone Grey/Weathered Grey mix, then pure Weathered Grey.


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The vampires are done! 


Black/Ebony Flesh on the belt and scabbard along with some Cursed Gold and a coat of P3 Armor Wash, Blackened Steel on his armor, Black/Shadowed Stone on his pants. I also attempted red gems on his sword hilt, but the dots are too small, every layer obliterated the previous...but it looks ok from a distance. 


Isabella's gems came out a bit better, a combination of Dragon Red and Fresh Blood.

Now sealing, flocking, and leafing...

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On 7/22/2019 at 1:11 PM, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

I was thinking about using DAS clay on another of the trees next, see if it's easier to work with. Also it's my understanding that if you get it wet it gets malleable again, so I suppose in theory that would solve the race against time aspect a bit.



The longer it sits the less effect getting DAS wet has on its malleability. I spray my DAS stuff with Krylon's Workable Fixative once I have the piece where I want it. The Fixative minimizes moisture effect...pretty much.

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And the second wave is undercoated.


Reaper's 02097 Ivan von Helstein and 02134 Lianna Vampiress, joined the GW skeletons. I also got a coat of Ebony Flesh on the roots of tree 4 and the body of tree 5. Progress is slowing down a bit due to undercoating the four Reaper Battle Nuns, six members of the Firelock Storming Party, and five Westwind Biker Werewolves for my other armies. 

Still haven't leafed the finished minis yet, as I'm trying to concentrate on getting the mausoleum finished. So I'm holding off on Show Off until I can get pictures of everything in the first wave together. 

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