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World Wide Miniatures Day 2019


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I'd planned to participate (24 hour challenge, actually); however, packing and cleaning for our move has consumed all my time and energy. :down:


Perhaps I'll do my own little private one after the dust has settled at our new place. 



--OneBoot :D 

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I had every intention of painting this weekend, right after we cleaned the garage, took it all to Goodwill,  weeded and cleaned up the garden, went grocery shopping,  chopped up the wood from the fallen branches,  and made a salad to take to a potluck dinner.  As per usual on a weekend I supposedly have a lot of free time, it's anything but. 


I did think about painting a lot. 

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Well, I accidentally ended up sort of doing it anyways. :lol:


I spent a cumulative ~12 hours across yesterday and today doing the following:

-Blowing up my current Bones organization system

-Sorting minis

-Organizing minis into storage bins/drawers

-Gluing together all the rest of my Bones minis up to size Large

-Gluing my fingers to minis, myself, the table, and more minis

-Putting a crick in my neck



I realized that I needed to pack everything up for moving anyways, and with all of our Bones stuff scattered throughout various bins, drawers, shelves and shipping boxes, I figured now was as good a time as any to go ahead and reorganize everything. ^_^


Pretty pictures! (spoilered due to size) 



(yes I know there's a few out of alphabetical order, but that bugs me less than having multiple drawers of the same type split up) 



(sorry that one is sideways) 



I also have two plastic storage 3-drawer thingies, but they have boxes stacked in front of them currently, so no pictures of those. 




Yes, gluing so many things together will make painting harder later, but honestly, given the sheer volume of what we've got, I'd rather they at least be usable for gaming now and pull them apart as needed later. We've got things from Bones 1 that have never seen use cuz they've been in pieces all this time! :lol:



--OneBoot :D 

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I'm going to try again to get something done this evening.  I've got some half painted chronoscope noir figures on my desk. 


Boot, that is one impressive sorting system.  My Bones are in bags labeled monsters, orcs/goblins, villagers, fighters, spellcasters, etc.  A little vague, but I enjoy digging through the pile. 

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