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Demented celebrants (minis)?

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I'm looking for some minis of... demented celebrants: decrepit, ghoul or demon-like, or just very ravaged humans on an attitude of celebration. If they suggest pure dementia, the better.  I can't think of any miniature that fits that description right now, any suggestions? from any studio as long as it works with 28mm, either fantasy of SF (if SF, then easy to convert) 



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Just how demented and deranged are we talking here?

HFA115 Gareth by Hasslefree Miniatures




Necromancer by Heresy Miniatures

(available with or without rock to pose on)




Ghouls by Heresy Miniatures

(available separately)




Zombies pack 4 by Heresy Miniatures




Garde Usurpadores by Tercio Creativo



Seignor by Tercio Creativo



Luana by Tercio Creativo



El Caballero by Tercio Creativo



Irene Vioque by Tercio Creativo



Please note that Tercio Creativo's miniatures are in a slightly larger scale. Possibly as large as 35mm.


If you can get hold of some of the old Hell Dorado miniatures then some of them might also fit the bill. Specifically from the Westerners & Mercenary factions. Also a lot of the old Mordheim miniatures from Games Workshop would probably fit the bill as well.


I might be able to think of some more later but hopefully these (very) late night recommendations should give you a good starting point.

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Through ebay or resellers you might be able to find the old Games Workshop Mordheim Dregs.



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In Australia Eureka Miniatures carries the old Shadowforge Maenads - female figures, naked and drunk... but not in a friendly way.


I would link to an image, but, well... naked and drunk.(Semi-draped, really, but....)


The ones I have from about fifteen years ago are armed with thursis.


There is also an undead Kickstarter that has an undead bard riffing while undead children dance around him.



The Auld Grump

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Gudrun du Four by Raging Heroes

fits on a cavalry base because the kid on the side with the pan basically extends over the edge of a normal sized base, the little kid on top is shaking a salt cellar

unit musician for the children of the orphanage



Tim, Tam & Tom by Raging Heroes

unit standard bearer for the children of the orphanage



These figures are resin so they're delicate.

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Thank you so much! 

Several of those seem to be pretty much what I was looking for; the Maenads too, as a bacanal style fits the subject perfectly. 

I guess I'll start to pick stuff soon. The couple from Ragingheroes are impressive. Somehow this studio flown under my radar (their first sculpts were IMO too rendery and artificial), and recently I discovered they have really astonishing material. 

And about The ballad of the bastards... looks amazing, right? I know about them, they are an spanish studio. 

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