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Finial/Topper/Tombstone Finial/Skull Thing NLA?

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Hi all, sorry if this has been discussed. I did search the forums for anything relevant, but couldn't find anything.


Does anybody know what happened to the Tombstone Finial, aka Tombstone Topper, etc? The little skull caps that go on top of the graveyard posts? I think it was sku 03855.


I've searched and searched the catalog for all manner of search terms and can't find them. Maybe the name or the sku changed?



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25 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

I thought those were just in Bones 4, and hadn't been released yet?   Did they do a metal version? 

Yeah, there's a metal version and I have a few I have purchased online elsewhere. Atomic Empire, for instance, still has some in stock.


I am sure I remember them on the Reaper site (that's why I went looking for them online on other sites), but I can't find them now.


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