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Artizan Apache Characters 2 and Desert Thing (91008)


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The West, both Wild and Weird, was a diverse place! Apache tribes featured prominently in history and in fiction, but not on my shelves...until now!
Artizan has some good Wild West figures, and a 3-pack of Apache characters suited my purposes perfectly. 

Especially this guy: DSCN6734.thumb.JPG.658a00838c163e5e9e72ca122d28f261.JPG
What a great face. So much caution, circumspection, and tired-of-this-bullbroccoli-ness. 



Here are the other two, warriors and men of renown. Gave them a little more color and pattern, as well as the classic line across the face. 




(I fixed the hair and feathers on the kneeling one after taking the picture.)

And because Deadlands monsters are literally made for Weird West settings and these fellows are clearly urging caution regarding SOMETHING, here is Some Thing. A Desert Thing, Bones version (91008). It's delightfully horrid. You want no part of this Thing. Painting the horrible slick teeth and gums of the inner jaw was a treat. DSCN6741.thumb.JPG.aad9e8d5ebdfe392e78a35f308e589b7.JPGDSCN6743.thumb.JPG.f0c1f4af79b3370f1b4c4636b5c31409.JPG

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