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Catalyst Game Labs: BattleTech Clan Invasion box set

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2 hours ago, Weird-O said:

And if your FLGS doesn't have it, it's back in stock at the CGL store. :)




Back on the kickstarter itself, a preview of the Gladiator/Executioner model:




The kickstarter itself will be going live this Wednesday at 1:00 PM EST.


OK. That's pretty elfing sweet.

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14 hours ago, Xiwo Xerase said:


FYI, the most event update for the Sprawl Ops KS included:


And yet another error on PSI's part.  Some of you may have seen retail versions of the game Sprawl Ops in LGS's.  (Local Game Stores).  I was asking people about it and noticed that retail versions were released to stores by PSI.  Catalyst did not sanction that release.  Their instructions were to wait until all or the majority of Kickstarter backers got their product.   


So it’s possible the release to retail wasn’t directly CGL’s fault.  A misunderstanding seems likely (see the commitment to July) but I’m not a privileged observer.


If CGL uses PSI for this KS, we might see similar mistakes.  We might not.  (I expect some safeguards to be put in place.)



See that's the exact problem with this KS; it's been a constant barrage of contradictions and finger pointing. Catalyst said something (we told them not to ship until July), that exact thing happened (they shipped in July), and then they say that's not what we meant! It's not our fault! And at this point the contradictions have fallen on CGL's side of things way too often for me to believe anything that they say at this point.


On the bright side, maybe a different employee will run the BT KS and you guys won't have any of these problems. (I wholeheartedly believe that this all comes down to just one seriously inexperienced/inept employee running this KS.)

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May 13, 2019
Catalyst has placed a hold on all retail sales and distribution until July so that the backers get their games FIRST.



July 15, 2019
Their instructions were to wait until all or the majority of Kickstarter backers got their product.


This is the very definition of a contradiction.


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The first says they gave instructions to not sell until backers got their stuff first.


The second says they gave instructions to not sell until backers got their stuff first.


Still not seeing it. But seeing as how I fight take part in the Sprawl Ops campaign, I'm going to move on and focus on the Clan Box.

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I don't really want to keep harping on the Sprawl Ops issues but I acknowledge they're relevant to this KS since it's the same people.  Can we summarize the issues as the following?

  • CGL is currently fulfilling a KS for Shadowrun Sprawl Ops.
  • CGL made decisions during the manufacturing process that were not communicated well and effectively gave add-ons for free to backers that others had paid for.
  • CGL has not been very good at communication in the campaign, even with another company (Lynnvander) helping with KS updates.
  • The fulfillment has suffered numerous issues and some backers (especially European backers) are seeing major delays as a result of them.  Most of these issues were caused by CGL's warehouse provider, PSI.
  • The Sprawl Ops boxed set has been released to retail even though non-US backers have not yet received their product.

Relevant to this KS, the following is unclear at this time:

  • What actions have been or will be taken to prevent a repeat of the issues with PSI.
  • Whether or not communication from CGL will be handled by the same people or by different people.  (The BattleTech line developers are different from the Shadowrun line developers.)
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58 minutes ago, Xiwo Xerase said:
  • CGL made decisions during the manufacturing process that were not communicated well and effectively gave core pledges and add-ons for free to backers that others had paid for.

Agreed, except for this and that I don't believe much about what Catalyst has said about PSI. There's evidence out there that they've twice blamed PSI for things that were there own fault, meanwhile PSI has apparently admitted some fault in this. Meanwhile despite their claims about PSI's total incompetence, Catalyst's higher-ups are content to continue using them as their distributor and the fulfillment center for their online store.


Oh, and also one of the items has a lower MSRP than we paid for it as backers.

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Added that backers paid more than retail prices.
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19 minutes ago, Corsair said:

Can we PLEASE drop the subject and stick to THIS Battletech Kickstarter?

Sorry, but this is pretty common practice here when a KS creator with troubled history starts a new KS. Especially when they're overlapping. The whole point of these forums is to inform people about the pros and cons of these KickStarters. They're not just free advertisements for the creator.


If you don't want to see what I've said you can hover over my username and click Ignore User. But what's gone on during the Sprawl Ops KS has gone way beyond the KS norms of delays and missing pledges and I've got too many old friends around here who are interested in BT to not say anything about it.

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