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13 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

So, I saw new bones stuff on the main page yesterday, but they've been displaced by some paints and new metals this morning.  And when I click into plastic figures none of them are showing up now.  were they removed, or is there a problem with the search for plastic minis?  We really need a way to see 'all' minis, because something is being missed (possibly because of tags being mixed up again...)

Also, when I click on the 'shop miniatures' button on the main page, none of the new metals will pull up at all, 

Yes! I am not the only one! I added one of them to my cart and he is still in my cart but I can't find those minis in that group anywhere! It was Dreadmere women, halfling scout, I don't remember what else. I waited on placing my order to see the new minis and am still hesitating on ordering because now I want to see what the Bones Black is for next month as I am not a fan of the monk.

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On 7/23/2019 at 9:48 PM, storm72 said:

the new one feels broken and incomplete. 

I have to say I agree to the sentiment.


The thing that annoys me is the brokenness of the site for it's intended use (buying minis), which involves three setps:


  • Searching: This is a mess currently
  • Buying: At least in the EU region VAT info is missing (but seems otherwise functioning)
  • Notification: If a mini not in store becomes in store again or allow preorder. Both not possible at the moment.

For someone coming to the site for the first time this leaves a horrible impression (and really for everyone else too).


This coupled with the lack communication/news (why is there even a news section in the forum anymore?) it leaves a sour taste.


That said I know managing the site is a one-man show and the poor guy probably has better things to do then write updates.

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On 7/25/2019 at 8:00 AM, MoebiusStrip said:

BUG: All the new realeases links are broken and drop you onto the figure finder page.


Otherwise nice change with the new stuff being presented on top.


Yeah, this was a regression I didn't catch in time. Sorry. It should be fixed now. 

My bosses don't actually like the new releases on top like that. They're going to get a click-through banner for their own page. So, there you go.


If there's a missing item, click on the "notify me" button on the product detail page. You'll get an email when we get it back in stock. 


Not sure why news isn't getting posted. I'm spread a little thinner than usual, running the UK warehouse and managing the web development at the same time.

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Just a thought, what if we had a community volunteer or two who could be looped in on certain things like the upcoming release schedule or other newsworthy items, and could handle posting that information in the way that Ladystorm used to take care of?  Really not trying to be difficult here, but as it stands now the news section on the website hasn't been updated since may 9 when the reapercon tickets went on sale, and the news section of the forum here hasn't been posted to since April (and the newest new release post there is from February)

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17 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

Those are from one of the expansions I had to pass on.

Adding them to my Reaper Want List, which has grown quite a bit over the past few months.

Yeah,  I missed out on the actual Kickstarter and got a hold of the LostValley box. Now trying to eventually get those individual pieces that I wanted as they come out. Ordered Argent a few days ago. He should arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to that!

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