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2 hours ago, Leg1on said:

Hey Reaper,

Will you please put the Dinosaur tag on all the Bones dino figs? It'll make it easy to find them all at once.

Right now it's only on a few of them.




@kit I think this is something for you???

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Most pics either have a "ruler" (the triangles) or a cube (M for metal, B for Bones) for scale. But, yeah, a size classification might help, especially with dragons.


The 28mm Sir Forscale figure actually helps me the most, up to large, at least. Y'know, because my painting desk is littered with 28mm figures... <_<

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4 hours ago, criticalhit said:

What I would like to know more than anything is base size - 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, etc.


Something Reaper really hasn't addressed, even with the Bry'angles or the B/M marker (which is still confusing). You need to be a long time Reaper fan to kinda know what the sizes of the minis are. A human size figures is gonna be a medium base (with some exceptions,).You gotta judge it off that. Reaper isn't a D&D or Pathfinder company so they don't need to make their minis according to their sizes but if they want more sales is makes sense. 


The new oval bases doesn't help either. Thou it does fit on a square(s) it's made for the figure.

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5 hours ago, Ecthaelion said:

The mini's here are great. But a size, tiny, small, medium, large, huge, gargantuan, and colossal category would have me buying a lot more and quicker. I like my players to feel the scale of what they're up against and not knowing what I'm buying keeps me from spending more money here.


Best thing to do is email the company.  They often don't read these boards. If we bug them enough it will get addressed. 


Also, find the Twitch live broadcast on Thurs evenings and chime in there. It's mostly about the kickstarter, but other topics do come up. 

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Given that those "sizes" can change between game systems and even editions of the same game it would be foolish of them to use them as the basis for sales of their minis. The Bryangles were great, the new letters are almost useless, and Sir Shadowscale would be about perfect to show how big they are comparatively, though.

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20 minutes ago, Fnordlover said:

Bryangles were great, the new letters are almost useless, and Sir Shadowscale would be...


The problem with the Bryangles was foreshortening and cropping. The base of the little stand that held them was always cropped out of the shot and that meant you could not find the zero point of the scale. That in turn meant you could not compare the base point of the figure tonthe base point of the scale. For anyone new to all this: the Bryangles were triangular Metal Tabs half an inch apart appearing at the edge of the image frame


The new letters are pretty good if you have superior skill levels at gauging relative sizes (I do) or if you can easily play with Photoshop (some have this). For anyone new to all this: the letter blocks are one quarter inch cubes. To use them to check the size of a mini, take the one in the picture and visualize additional copies of it lined up in a row or stacked to compare with the model. Or, literally do that with a photo manipulating app. 


Using SirShadowscale would be a huge,  annoying, time consuming pain for someone (Ron probably) to install on each photo. With a pile of models on a desk and calipers... Someone would have to put calipers on SirForscale, transfer that measure to the physical copy of the model that’s been photographed. Then insert Sir Shadowscale into the photo and dial the size of the inserted SirSS graphic down until it matched the physical measurements. REPEAT for every photo. 


And then, the whole ^ idea ^ relies on the viewer being thoroughly familiar with the SirForscale model. 



N.B:  Half an inch is 12.7mm; One quarter inch is 6.25mm. Five of the letter blocks stacked, would be 31.25mm tall. 

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