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"The Lancaster Gun"


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In my usual flighty way I never stay on one project for long, so fantasy is on the back burner and I'm painting up a few historical figures that have been knocking around in my cupboards since forever.


The Lancaster gun was a very, very early attempt to make rifled artillery. It was like earlier smooth-bore muzzle loaded guns, but the bore was re-heated and given an oval cross-section as the barrel was manufactured. This made the cannon-ball spin a bit as it was launched and (hopefully) got it a bit closer to its intended target.


The design was soon superseded, but a couple were sent out to the British Army in the Crimea and were used in the Battle of Inkerman.



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    • By DragonWyrm
      The dwarf is an Eureka 15mm figure (maybe 18mm, can't remember right now). I brought him with other 15mm figures to see if they would fit as brownies, gnomes or dwarves. He fits all of the roles, so now I know where to get some small folk. I actually enjoyed painting him and the 15mm landsknechts (didn't photograph them) a lot more than I expected.
      The monk is an old Grenadier Figure, I think you can get him at Mirliton now. I speed painted him using a Zorn Pallet. It works well for anyone who is somber or drab, it can also work well for NMM.
      The figures on both sides are from Ground Zero Games, i think they are from the goth set. They can work as cultists, lords or even vampires. 
      The maid and the butler are from Wargames Foundry. I really like the sets. The rest is still being painted. With the maid I experimented in painting an impression of some lace or embroidery on her pink skirt. I tried to make the cup she holds look like bone china. 

      Back of the Servants
      This picture is closer to the real colour than the one above (thought it is still not perfect, with the monks robes not being as distinct in sections as they are)

      Feedback and Critiques are welcome and appreciated. 
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        I failed at painting this so it would not look like some kind of indentured servant...

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