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Go 4th and Exersize Your Right To Make Art!(July Hobby Goals)

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In order of urgency:

Finish the Obsidian Crypt without Sir Cyr seeing it.

Finish the Librarian/Mortician D&D character (priest of Wee Jas) figure without Sir Cyr seeing it.

Finish the Graveyard Stuff.

Finish the Aeon Trespass Knowledge Nymph without Sir Cyr seeing it.

Work on my Maiden Bust.

Get started on a S75 bust.


Why so many that Sir Cyr can't see? Because those are the figures needed for Phase 2 of D&D that are fairly Surprise!ish. If I'm turning the table on my protagonists, I need to make it snappy. Sir Cyr knows about the graveyard stuff, and it is an undead campaign, so that's the right sort of knick-knack to be there. He doesn't know about the crypt, which is a bigger set piece and will make more of an impression. The priest of Wee Jas is going to erm... have some interesting experiences. He's going to need a more accurate figure afterward (red eyes, some scars, and hella-magic-OSL). Not Sir Cyr's character, but if he sees it, he might figure out my plan (or not, Sir Cyr is notoriously oblivious). The nymph? Because I introduced a mysterious demigoddess, but they don't know that they're going to meet her yet. 


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In no particular order... 

- Paint minotaur(s)! 

- Finish assembling my CAVs! 

- get some colour on said CAVs! 

- work on a Skaven unit or character (bonus points: actually finish one!) 

- continue tidying up my painting area so I actually can paint, and regularly! 

- try not to splurge too hard on whatever surprises CAVBOSS has for the store this month :p

- assemble the rest of my large-ish dragons, and get their gaps filled

- some work on Wyrmgear wouldn't hurt! 

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So I will start off with the goal of picking up where I left off in June, working on the 40mm French Revolution project.


6 British light dragoons (in progress, still filing the flash and assembling things)

12 French infantry  (one figure converted/assembled; need to decide on the look for the other 11)

4 French gunners 


However far down that list I get, I also need to finish up a third Oathsworn warband for Burrows and Badgers to be run at Gencon. My brother is growing frustrated with my digressions, and I know that they would almost paint themselves if I just got started. ::P:


I have also been playing with my existing large project of 40mm Prince August semi-flat 18th century figures recently, and have two small units on the workbench for that, a 12-man militia company, and a 6-man artillery crew. I actually added paint to the militia last month, but didn’t get close to finishing any of them. A game with that project is on the schedule for today, which has a tendency to affect the inspiration environment.


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Switching to playing Full Thrust for a bit so I want to paint 1 or 2 ships of each class for 2 fleets. That's about 20 ships that I have minis for and I may convert some more if I get time. 1 small ship is fully painted, 4 more partially painted and a dozen or so primed. Still trying to come up with a fast, nice scheme for the red team. May dabble with some other stuff too because I'm never very good at staying totally on target.

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  • Mail off mini swap this week!
  • Spend time with nieces!
  • --- Play Stuffed Fables
  • --- Get supplies together and paint with them
  • Finish fire giants from Bones 3
  • Work on Ma'al (including figuring out the best way to paint the heads without attaching them and filling gaps) (buy more green stuff)
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Keeping with my 2019 goals, in July I plan to:

  1. Paint another Duskwarden for Duskwardens of Dreadmere
  2. Paint a D&D character for my friend’s game.
  3. Paint a ghoul nun for Rangers of Shadowdeep
  4. Paint another Hasslefree figure
  5. Paint this month's Mithril Miniature


And of course continue to work on my entry for the two summer painting contests I am in.


My long term goals for 2019:

  Paint all the figures in the annual box ( I am down to 6)

  Continue my current Rangers of Shadow Deep campaign and perhaps work on two mini campaigns

  Paint three entries for miniature painting competitions this year. It has increased to five. (2 down)

  Run a Call of Cthulhu game for my roleplaying group

  Paint character minis for all the players in my D&D group. (on track with five)

  Paint a Mithril miniature each month (on track with seven)



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In no particular order, and no guarantee I'll get to any of them:


Unpack minis

Organize minis

Paint minis needed for game

Blightfang. Just... Blightfang

Gray Warden conversion. I have all the parts I need, now it's just a matter of seeing how best to fit a saddle on the shoulders of the Bones 4 griffon.

More bookshelves. That way I can unpack this box of painted minis and have somewhere to display them for once.


Chinese dragon conversion.


Unlike last month I have no deadlines to speak of. Nothing constrains me! Except for work... life... travel... ugh...

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Start and finish the shipwreck golem.

Paint the ghost/undead pirate crew to go with him.


That's my main project. We've a character/player leaving our DnD campaign, and the DM and I wanna send him off in the biggest way possible, so the DM asked me to paint up a shipwreck golem and a creepy crew, it's his previous captain and crew coming back from Davy Jones'  locker to haunt him, and he is the only one who survived the shipwreck.



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It is far too hot here in Arizona, so staying inside in AC and painting minis seems like a really good option.  :poke:



- Continue the ongoing commission.  My client eventually wants *all* the WizKids/Nolzur's player characters painted. 

- Keep playing with clay. It's messy but fun, and a couple of things I tried actually came out sorta the way I wanted.  Sorta.

- The next dragon in the queue. It's the Ral Partha Red Dragon of Krynn.  I may actually try to do a WIP on it, just because it's such a large and daunting project, and one I've contemplated for quite a while.



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