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Go 4th and Exersize Your Right To Make Art!(July Hobby Goals)

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On 7/1/2019 at 1:50 PM, SparrowMarie said:


  • Mail off mini swap this week!
  • Spend time with nieces!
  • --- Play Stuffed Fables
  • --- Get supplies together and paint with them
  • Finish fire giants from Bones 3
  • Work on Ma'al (including figuring out the best way to paint the heads without attaching them and filling gaps) (buy more green stuff)


-Mailed off mini and it was received! They liked it! So relieved.

-Played Stuffed Fables and painted.

--BONUS: Taught girls to play D&D!


Haven't done anything else.


Oh, I should probably finish this Naga I started with them too. Not much left to do so that should be easy.

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Somehow got talked into painting ~8 minis before the 22nd.

  • Male vampire
  • Female vampire
  • Other female vampire?
  • All 3 bedeviled minis from B4 core set.
  • Both rulers of hell
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I have only painted twice this month.  At the end of May, I had a nasty fall just 5 minutes before going to the airport to pick up my parents to take them on a week round to the black hills.  I bruised up my knee really bad, but luckily no joint damage. This was then aggravated going on a 12 hour roadtrip to the Black Hills, me hobbling around for a week on the leg there, the trip home, and also by me being on blood thinners.  Since then I have spent pretty much every moment at home on the couch with my leg up, the knee is still a bit blue.  Compression socks and a knee brace is keeping most of the swelling down now.


So my paint plan is shot for July, maybe August will be better.

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Half month update. I've been working entirely on Full Thrust stuff in my hobby time and had more than expected because of bad weather. 



Condensed the rules we'll use into 2 and a half pages of reference sheet.

Downloaded and updated tons of ship SSDs (stats/gameplay sheets) from the Star Ranger website.

Made SSDs in the same style as the Star Ranger ones of all the ships in Fleet Book 1. 

All but 3 ships of destroyer class and larger painted with most on bases for both fleets.

All Red Fleet ships converted and at least partially painted except fighters.

All Green Fleet ships except 2 converted.


When finished each fleet will have

6+ fighters. Still not sure how many to paint or how I want to base them.

4 scout boats

4 corvettes

3 frigates

6 destroyers (4 of one type, 2 of another)

3 cruisers (want 2 light and 2 heavy on top of this but may have to sculpt them from scratch)

2 battlecruisers

2 battleships

1 dreadnought

1 heavy carrier (would also like 1 escort and 1 light carrier but would have to scratch build them too)


So 26 ships and ? fighters nearing completion with hopes of making another 6 for each fleet.


A few pics of everything here https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87136-full-thrust-madness/&tab=comments#comment-1849936

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