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Full Thrust madness

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As I've mentioned elsewhere I bought a game called Red Alert this winter. Tons of pvc spaceships. We've played most of the scenarios that came with it and want to try something different. I've had a lot time desire to buy/build fleets for Full Thrust and bought this game with that in mind. I never did buy any metal ships because of the cost and my tendency to want ALL the options for some variety. If a game needs 10 minis I'll have 30. So we've played a few games and the massive fleet building has begun. I'm sacrificing some of my Twilight Imperium 3 ships to make the smaller classes. The plan is to have 1 or 2 types of ships for each class and 1-4 ships of each type.


First up is the finished Red fleet ships to date. Back row is Red Alert destroyer, fighter and cruiser. Middle row is Red alert flagship (using as battlecruiser in FT), battleship and dreadnought. Front row is converted TI3 destroyer (using as corvette), cruiser (using  as frigate) and dreadnought (using as destroyer).




The finished Green Fleet ships (with bad flash glare). Back row RA destroyer and cruiser. Front row RA flagship (battlecruiser) and battleship.




A close up of the TI3 conversions. Back row green fleet fighter (will be FT scout boat) and dreadnought (FT destroyer or light cruiser). Middle row untouched TI3 fighter, destroyer, cruiser and dreadnought. Front row chopped up fighter (scout boat) awaiting some apoxy sculpt additions, destroyer (corvette), cruiser (frigate) and dreadnought (destroyer).




Lastly a group shot of all the ships I'm working on.




So 1 big carrier, 1 dreadnought, 2 battleships, 2 battlecruisers, 3 cruisers, 6 destroyers, 3 frigates, 4 corvettes, 4 scoutships and ? fighters for each fleet plus a few generic transports. On top of that I'd like to come up with some different cruisers so that there'll be a bit of variety between CL/CA/CH. I'm also a bit stalled on converting the little guys for green fleet because the overall style of the ships is harder to copy with what I have. The red fleet is finished (except the possible additional cruisers) because they were dead simple to make out of the TI3 ships.

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Manage a bit of work every few days. First pic is the smaller red ships and some home made hex bases. Not real happy with the hex bases I can make and will probably order some from Litko.



Green fleet hasn't been getting as much work as red but still did the basic paint on a lot of the ships.



All the red fleet ships except 3 scout boats are painted and varnished. And fighters. I don't know how many fighters to paint yet because we haven't been using them in games. They'll be fast anyhow.



14 green ships to paint. 7 to figure out how to convert/make. 8 transports to paint in neutral colours so they can be used with either fleet. Lots of bases to make or buy. After that I'd like to make some cruisers and smaller carriers for each but that'll be a more difficult job so not sure when. 

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Still plugging away at this. Have figured out how to convert 1 ship of every class except light heavy cruisers for both fleets out of what I have. A couple pics of the two fleets we'll be using in our next game all finished. Was struggling trying to cut hex bases for these when I someone on the Full Thrust Facebook group posted a download for a sticker for the bases. I liked it and have a lot of 2" plastic bases I rarely use and can cut mdf circles of various sizes. Resized his file to fit the bases I have/can make and printed them on label paper.




A couple of pics of the rest of the ships. Some finished, many not yet.




File this under the question "did I drill deep enough yet?" Already plugged the hole and will repaint tomorrow.


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Green fleet in most of it's glory after varnish.



Minutes after this I let my daughter play with them. They're pvc and she's pretty gentle most of the time. I need to glue the pegs on a bunch of the ships because they fell off as soon as she touched them. I was having some troubles with that earlier. She didn't do anything rougher than what me and the boys will when playing with them. 4 green ships and 3 red ships all smaller than the smallest in this photo left to paint and mount on bases. And fighters but I still haven't figured out how many of them we need or how to base them.

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