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Balgin Stondraeg

Dwarf MIniatures by Yedharo/GT Studio relaunch

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Remember this thread?


You know, the Yedharo/GT project that was cancelled and they said they'd reluanch it?


Well they relaunched it.


There's a lot less units this time and far more characters (some of whom appear to have been inspired by the Atlantis Dwarfs or are attempting to copy their success but with a Yedharo/GT spin on it).


I might jump in for a small handful of character models but I won't go in big on this one. Then again why would dwarfs go big? They're small. It's one of their defining features :).


'cause Atlantis did dwarven women with shaved sides and some goat riders......




He's baaaaack!




She got off the goat




Hammer Man is back again




Apparently she's really "Busty"




At least the leaping Trollslayer is back again :)




Mr Ugly Sword is back again (don't know why).




I like this new hammer man




The ugly rectangular shield unit with hammers is back (the only returning unit).

They really should've fixed those shields and the "3rd edition/Dragonpunk helmets".




The Bloodbowl team is back as well (obviously).



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11 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

I NEED that female Berserker. 


The question is if I need her riding on that goat?

The other versions? YES!   




Well Atlantis Miniatures did a better one riding a sabretooth cat with it's feet on a dying orc (or a broken wall, your choice). They also did three dwarven ram riders (male or female riders) and this berserker looks rather close to the Atlantis dwarven ram riding women. She's still good 'though and I'm very tempted myself.


it might be nice to get both versions of her (on foot and on the goat) for roleplaying games where she can ride her trusty steed in the wilderness or stalk down cramped corridors looking for monsters to kill.

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I found a lovely big box of miniatures dumped on the patio outside the back door this morning. Given the rain drops I presume it was delivered yesterday when I was out doing the weekly shop. Upon picking it up it felt suspiciously light.


Once opened I was able to ascertain that everything was present and correct. Gorgeous miniatures. Hopefully I'll still be able to order some more of them later on.

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On 7/31/2019 at 12:00 PM, Gadgetman! said:

PM time. 

Berserker Bust, 70mm Berserker, and 30mm scale Mounted Berserker.


Arrived today, all stuffed into a single blister pack inside a padded envelope. 


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I got my set of the Death Carriers, the two barbarians, and the female star player. They all arrived just fine and look great.


I actually got them a while ago but they had a hell of a time getting through the USPS during the quarantine. 



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Finally got my Berserker bust, 70mm mounted berserker, and the 70mm Mounted orc queen.  They shipped the beginning of April and just now got to me.  Going to take a lot of careful cutting and fitting to get everything to fit tightly and I think they used enough mold release to supply a small orgy.  Nasty mold seam running through the berserker busts hair that's going to be a pain to clean up.  Be nice if they actually gave you a picture of what the bust is supposed to look like when you're finished.  I'm going to have to go the site and print out some pictures to figure out where all the braid piece are supposed to attach.  Given the delays in both the KS I've backed from them and the cleanup I'm looking at, I'm not sure I'll back another one of theirs.

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18 hours ago, Mckenna35 said:

 and I think they used enough mold release to supply a small orgy.


Wow, I didn't have any of these issues with my gaming scale figures from this project. Apart from checking pictures for assembly in a few cases. Hope you get things sorted.

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