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July/August RPChallenge

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Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
All the information you need should be here.

As usual, the new format holds a "hard mode" challenge!

July and August 2019 Challenge

Your challenge is: 9!

Bonus Challenge: The First!
Independence Day! Both Canada and the US celebrate their independence days in July. Keeping it clean - paint a mini that resembles the most absurd stereotype of the country, whether it's a lumberjack riding a moose with a jug of maple syrup, or a fat dude in a scooter with the american flag and a big mac.  Or something from the film Independence Day, that works too.

Bonus Challenge: The Second!
August 22nd is National Spumoni day. 3-layered Gelato dish. Paint any mini in a themed pallet around your choice image of said dish.

Hard Mode Challenge! Eruption
Also in August is the fabled eruption of Pompeii. A full-size diorama is a but much to ask - but instead theme a mini around trying to escape the eruption (lava flows, flying chunks of rock, etc) particularly utilizing the OSL and an ashen look.


As always, the game is made up and the points don't matter!

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Now I really want spumoni ice cream.


I'm game. I can finish 9, or 9 equivalent. I have this half-built dragon I'd planned a lava base for... :devil:


Placeholder for finished products:


Speedpaint NPCs


I need 12 minis before the first session. I've finished more than half

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2 hours ago, NebulousMissy said:


Long Valley Caldera versus Yellowstone. Discuss pros/cons, activity, prettiness, modern death toll, etc ::P: (curious on your actual opinions, not actually demanding an answer)


Less popular versus Favorite. Semi-unknown cause versus Hot Spot. Kinda pretty vs Hot Damn Gorgeous (a trip to YS when I was eight was so cool that I forgot to have a compulsive nailbiting habit and it never came back). Activity - different? Both are "active"; I need to read more into Long Valley. If I remember right, it is in an area of strangely thin crust compared to what the crust is supposed to be. Modern death toll if either go boom? Very little due to lava flows. It is the ash and glass-particulates and sulfides in the air that'll get us all, and that will be highly dependent on the weather patterns at the time. And that's assuming we get a boom, instead of a flow, and in a bi-modal suite, it could be either. Flows aren't really long-term scary unless you put your house in the path (see: Hawaii).

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Placeholder for pics coming before the end of August:


1-5: Bones 4 Bog Skeletons

6-8: Bones 4 Ghouls and Ghast

9-14: Bones 4 Wraiths

15-24: Bones 4 character minis (specifics coming w/pics)


In other words, all these guys are finished, just haven't taken the pics yet. 

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