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Krylon Matt finish trashed my model

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47 minutes ago, Madog Barfog said:

I'll recommend the same product I always do, because it's cheaper and better than Testor's. It's called Golden Matte Acrylic Varnish, or something similar. It's archival, which means it doesn't yellow and is suitable for finishing and protecting fine art. Fine art stores like Dick Blick has it, as well as Amazon.


However, it's still a spray can, so I'd never use it if I felt the humidity were too high.


It comes in spray cans? I have a big bottle of the stuff I just brush on. (You do have to be careful that it doesn’t bubble or foam on the model, because the bubbles will stay)

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7 hours ago, Wren said:

Is the Golden stuff as mattingly matte as Dullcote?


No. It’s less perfectly velvety. But for a brush-on it’s matte enough for my needs.


It also takes away that slightly waxy feeling Bones can get.

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On 7/11/2019 at 9:33 PM, Wren said:

Is the Golden stuff as mattingly matte as Dullcote?


Looks like it to me. I can't tell the difference.


I've only ever used the spray can, never knew there was a brush on option.


Most people have never had issues with Testor's Dullcoat, including me. But some have reported yellowing over time, and I'd rather not spend more money on a product that will one day ruin a mini it's applied to.


I think it's worth switching to the Golden product simply for the savings. I can also buy it locally, just like Testor's, so I'm not missing any convenience.

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well I've read all the replies, thank you,  and will make a decision here soon. bigger problem is I haven't touched my brushes/hobby since this incident.  Really need to fix my model and put it behind me, but it's not easy

100+ degree foretasted temperatures should help push me back toward the bench::(:

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As others have said, humidity is an issue -- as well as the thickness of the coat and how well mixed the contents of the can.


Another -- major -- factor is drying time.  To allow all the evaporents to evaporate.  Particularly water.  I learned from plastic modelling to put on very light coats and let each dry 24 hours before the next coat.  Which mandates patience.


Sorry about your disaster.

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