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This is my most ambitious attempt to date.  A mini-campaign I’m running some people through calls for many kobolds of varying colors and classes.  I had 12 Kobolds from Bones I, the 4 pack in metal th

Weathered Stone on the base.  Then trimmed in HD Solid Black.   Calling this one done.  Now to move on the the rest of the green tribe.

Heartwood Brown on other woody bits.

Posted Images



Under coated with 1:1 Green Liner:Highland Moss.  Then Dragon Bronze, highlighted with Cursed Gold.


Went with “scroll case” here.  It could still be a brass flute…

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Thanks for the advice, Wolf.

Thanks for the enthusiasm Moonglowminis.





Glazes of Agrax Earthshade and Reikland Fleshshade.  Bases got an undercoat of 1:1 Carbon Grey:Shadowed Stone.  Plan to add some thinned Scale75 Heavy Metal, then Speed Metal for highlights.

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Ok.  Reapplied thinned metallics.  Thinned with Scale Color Glaze Medium.  That helped a lot with the usual streakiness.  I still ran into some white haze the longer the paint was on my brush or on the wet palette, despite Re-mixing.  But it’s a lot less noticeable than prior attempts at thinning metallics.

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