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Darcstaar vs. Kobolds

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All of them had their Peacock Green Layer reestablished to correct errant brush work.  Then they all got their Grass Green Layer.



Changed the highlight.  This is 2:1 Grass Green:Dungeon Slime.  Working this through to all of them.  2/7 done so far.


Then I plan a 1:1 Layer for the ?final highlight.

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Group shot.

Calling the skin done.  This is the biggest hurdle.  1:2 Grass Green:Dungeon Slime.


I had entertained the idea of glazing, but I’m quite pleased with the skin at this point, so I’m moving on.  The horns/claws will lend themselves to batch painting, so I think that will come next.

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Worked the glasses:

Ice Blue, 1:1 Ice Blue:Blue Flame, then Blue Flame.


Did the same to the magic Fire, with the addition of some Solid Blue mixed in to the Dragon Blue for the tips of the flames. Calling the flames done.


Added Agrax Earthshade to the fur lining.

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