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Darcstaar vs. Kobolds

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This was Desert Stone, Splintered Bone, and Linen White.  It seemed a little too stark, so I glazed it with Desert Stone.



“Buy my newspaper, OR ELSE!”

This is the result of glazing and a few reestablished highlights.  I kept the skull whiter, and didn’t glaze it down.




I checked the module.  This critter’s gear includes scrolls of Glitterdust, so that’s what I went with.  I put the Roman Numeral II to indicate second level spell, and Roman Numerals to show its range equation.  Then 10, and runes for “Rad” indicating its area of effect.  The framed diagram is just a cartoon of the spell like you would see in a computer game spellbook, and the bottom is a reminder about the AOE on the grid.  Finally there is an eye with gold in it since it can blind also.  This was all done with an 0 brush, not pens.  Also added Tarnished Brass to his baubles and buckle.




Blackened Steel and Heavy Metal (Scale75) for the nail.  All that is left is the cloak (black cloth is not my friend), toe claws, and base.


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Painted the whole cloak watered down Coal Black.  This is a thin highlight with some Rainy Gray mixed in.



A little more Rainy Gray.




Final pass with more Rainy Gray.  I struggle a lot with black.  Things end up too gray, so I tried to do very little here.


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Kind of goofed.  I was 4/8 on the next red layer of skin.  Gory Red.


Like this.


But I inadvertently put Fresh Blood on the palette for #5 guy, and didn’t realize until I was 1/2 done with him.



He came out OK enough to just leave him like this rather than trying to glaze him down or repaint it.  This is what Mr. Ross would call a “Happy Little Accident.”

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